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Section 1A

Guaranteed places

1st place – GM Anthony Anthony Romero
2nd Place – Gibraltar-Mazeppa-Lucas Shiel
3rd Place – Dover-Eiota Brody Kellen
4th place – Caledonia-Houston Owen Denstad
5th place: Carson Rowland of Chatsfield
6th – Goodhue's Lucas Bortz
8th – Henry Kushman of Wabasha-Kellogg
8th – Filmmaker C-Lanesboro-M-C wolves Kyle Daniels

1st place match
Anthony Romero (Gmlos) 39-3, junior Lucas Schiel (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) 25-8, Fr. (Rev. 1:27)
2nd place wrestler


Guaranteed places
1st Place – Katel Bartels of Jatfield
2nd – Gmlos's Cohen Wiste
3rd place – Michael Mayerus of Fibrrota-Mazeppa
4th place. Bolton's thesis: Dover-Eiota
5th – Chris Cushman – Wabash-Kellogg
6th – Connor Wingert of the Filmmaker C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves
8th – Caledonia-Houston Simon Seymour
8th – Jeremiah Bien Goodhue

1st place match
Cael Bartels (Chatfield) 34-3, Sr. over Cohen Wiste (Gmlos) 37-5, Fr. (December 4-0)
2nd place wrestler

Guaranteed places
In 1st place is Brandon Ross Caledonia-Houston
2nd Place – James James Jacob Jacobs of Gmlos
3rd place – Ben Murray Fimbra-Mazeppa
4th place – St. Charles Jas Cobbs
5th place – Bredon Nutton of the C-Lanesboro-M-C wolves filmmaker
6th – Ryan Bortz of Goodhue
7th – Lucas Carrier of Fatfield

1st place match
Brandon Ross (Caledonia-Houston) 31-5, so: over James Jacobsen (Gmlos) 22-19, Fr. (TF-1.5 6:00 (15-0))
2nd place wrestler


Guaranteed places
1st place – Luke Kirer of Zumbrota-Mazeppa
2nd Place – Calderonia-Houston Hot Tops
3rd Place – Filmmaker C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves Kyle Anderson
4th place: Kyle Schott of Hatfield
5th – Dover-Eiota's Landon Lennertz
6th place: St. Charles Carter Matison
8th – Gmlos's Wes Soltau
8th – Terror Miller by Wabasha-Kellogg

1st place match
Luke Kirer (Fibrotto-Mazeppa) 27-10, Sts. Tucker Guenter (Caledonia-Houston) 26-11, Fr. (December 5-3)
2nd place wrestler


Guaranteed places
1st place – Gavar Gust of Daur-Eiota
2nd Place – Lucas Winfield of Gmlos
3rd place – Triton's Cody Rasmussen
4th place – Caddy Gunter of Chadfield
Fifth place – John von Pulin of Fibrotra-Mazeppa
In the 6th place is Isaac of Caledonia-Houston of Spain
8th – Ryan Kelly of Films C-Lanesboro-M-C
8th place: Beod ae Igles from Goodhue

1st place match
Gavin Gust (Dover-Eiota) 35-5, Fr. Lucas Winfield (Gmlos) 29-14, junior (fall 3:06)
2nd place wrestler

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Taylor De Frang of Dover-Eiota
2nd – Wabasha-Kellogg's Nolan Romel
3rd place – Gmlos's Donavon Felte
4th place – Beau Jurrens of Zumbrota-Mazeppa
5th – Chatefield Tate Carver
6th – St. Charles Brady Cappell
8th – Carter Hovland Filmore C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves
8th horizon: Triton Liam Schelling

1st place match
Taylor DeFrang (Dover-Eyota) 25-2, Sr. over Nolan Rommel (Wabasha-Kellogg) 33-7, Sr. (December 4-3)

Guaranteed places
1st – Chatfield's Set Goetzinger
2nd place – Get Gmlos Voigt
3rd Place – Filmmaker C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves Kaden Anderson
4th place – Gumbra-Mazeppa-Cole Poncelet
5th – St. Charles Jet Thorson
6th – Maddox O & # 39; Reilly of Goodhue
8th – Triton's Colby Dobbs
8th place: Eric House Caledonia-Houston

1st place match
Seth Goetzinger (Zatfield) 36-5, junior Rose Voigt (Gmlos) 39-8, junior (fall 3:22)

Guaranteed places
1st place is Baxter O & # 39; Reilly of Goodhue
2nd Place – Caledonia-Houston Isaac Denstad
3rd place – Christian Jacobs of Gmlos
4th place is Daver-Eota's Maverick Whitethorn
5th place – Taner Manchilma of "Fibrotra-Mazeppa"
6th – Owen Garens of Triton
7th – Jatfield Luke Irkke

1st place match
Baxter O & # 39; Reilly (Goodhue) 29-3, Jr. Isaac Dunstad (Caledonia-Houston) 32-5, Sts. (December 5-3)
2nd place wrestler

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Daniel Smith of Gmlos
2nd Place – Tyler Sha Dover-Eiota
3rd place – Campbell Berg Chatfield
4th Place – Caledonia-Houston Aiden Goetzinger
5th – Kyle Clutier of Zumbrota-Mazeppa
6th – Filme C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves Kaleb Kuntz
8th – Triton Hunting Shadow
8th – Goodhue's Aidan Kaiser

1st place match
Daniel Smith (Gmlos) 18-3, Junior Campbell Berger (Zatfield) 22-15, St. (Fall 0:35)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Noah Siles Gmlos
2nd Place – Caledonia-Houston Jack Strobe
3rd – Chatfield's Grad Shot
4th place – ab Jon Fraser from Wabash-Kellogg
5th – St. Charles Connor Simon
6th horizontal – Dover-Eyota Tyler blend
8th – Triton Brekken Schlichting
8th – Collin Meyer of Goodhue

1st place match
Noah Siles (Gmlos) 38-4, junior Jack Ye Strobe (Caledonia-Houston) 26-8, junior (fall 1:43)

Guaranteed places
1st place – Dover-Eota Gavin Dabelstein
2nd – Zumbrota-Mazeppa's Gabe Tupper
3rd place – Mason Barker of Triton
4th Place – Caledonia-Houston's Olen Blocker
5th – Michael Barrett of the C-Lanesboro-M-C wolves Filmore
6th – Wabasha-Kellogg's Jack Rodgeier
8th – Carsyn O & # 39; Reilly of Goodhue
8th – Mason Clemens of Fairfield

1st place match
Gavin Dabelstein (Dover-Eiota) 35-4, St. Gabe Tuperi (Chimbrota-Mazeppa) 33-7; (December 4-1)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Ethan Kovars of Gibbotta-Mazeppa
2nd place – Cameron, stripped of Gmlos
3rd – Godhy Cody Lohman
4th place – Caledonia-Houston J ed Casten
5th place: D Jowerson Dowler of Dover-Eiota

1st place match
Ethan Kovars (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) 27-6, Junior Cameron Snyder (Gmlos) 32-9, Junior (Fall 3:24)

Guaranteed places
1st place – Chatfield's Aj Karver
2nd Place – Rever Lemke of Devere-Eota
3rd place – um you are Haglund Fibrrota-Mazeppa
4th Horizon – Goodhue's Mason Taxa
5th – Calderonia-Houston Dameriz Davis
6th. Riley Ferdin from St. Charles

1st place match
Aj Karver (Chatfield) 26-9, junior Reece Lemke (Dover-Eyota) 21-15, junior (Fall 1:43)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Caledonia-Houston Alex Francis
2nd Place – Dover-Eyota Welsh Spencer
3rd place – Blake Carlson of Goodkue
4th place – Dalton Hall of Zumbrota-Mazeppa
5th – Filmmaker C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolfs Stefan Nikolosyan

1st place match
Alex Francisco (Caledonia-Houston) 29-5, st. Spencer Wales (Dover-Eiota) 25-16, junior (fall 4:29)

Section 1 PC

Guaranteed places
1st place – Simley's Cash Raymond
2nd Place – Luke Williams of Pine Island
3rd place – Kasson-Mantorville Dominic Mann
4th place – Light City Nate Evans
5th – Stuartville's Jon O'Leary
6th – Isaac Walch-Elgin-Milville of Plainview
8th – St. Thomas Academy at Thomas Holm Key
8th – La Crescent's Nolan Schreier

1st place match
Cash Raymond (Simley) 34-9, 8th. Luke Williams (Pine Island) around 34-3, so: (December 8-1)

Guaranteed places
1st place – Reid Nelson of Simley
2nd place – Byron's Ja Jacob Thompson
3rd place – Cannon Falls Preston Carlisle
4th place – Kasson-Mantorville Joseph Joseph Kennedy
5th place: Lewiston-Altura-Rushford-Peterson, Tyler Credit
6th – Steven Ramirez from Lake City
8th – Pine Island's Ivon Loy
8th Horizon – Raleigh Boland Pleinayev-Elgin-Milville

1st place match
Reed Nelson (Simley) 40-5, junior Jacob Thompson (Byron) 24-8, so: (TF-1.5 4:30 (15-0))

Guaranteed places
1st place – Maxwell Petersen of Byron
2nd Place – Jonathan Harvey of Lake City
3rd Place – Cooper Peterson of Cannon Falls
4th Place – Levison-Althura-Rushford-Peterson Carson onsonsgard
5th place – Kaiden Strand of Wheelchair
6th – Casson-Mantorville Preston Heatherdal
8th – Colton Zwifel of St. Thomas Academy
8th – Pleinovs-Elgin-Milvila Alex Henrichs

1st place match
Maxwell Petersen (Byron) 35-2, so: over Jonathan Harvey (Lake City) 20-4, so: (MD 21-8)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Chase DeBlaere of Simley
2nd Place – Leviston-Altura-Rushford-Peterson Ross Herber
3 rd place – Cason-Mantorville Gi Rufo
4th Place – Lake City Nash Nelson
5th – Colten Black of Cannon Falls
6th – Eli Haight of Byron
8th – Logan Dittrich of Plainview-Elgin-Millville
8th – Stuartville Lincoln, Dubai

1st place match
Chase DeBlaere (Simley) 41-2, So. To Ross Herber (Levison-Altura-Rushford-Peterson) 27-5; (Fall 0:58)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Byron Mitchell Petersen
2nd Place – Kasson-Mantorville Logan Vuga
3rd Place – Luke City of Luke City
4th place – Olsin Michel Pleinovs-Elgin-Milville
5th – Len Anderson from Kenyan Waterfall
6th – La Crescent's Joey Schreier
8th – James James Diaz Lopez of Simly
8th – Stuartville Cole Janssen

1st place match
Mitchell Petersen (Byron) 12-1, St. Logan Vugan (Casson-Mantorville) 28-7, so. (December 5-1

Guaranteed places
1st place – Sailey Kyle Berg
2nd Place – Lake City Jake Kozlowski
3rd place: Levison-Althura-Rushford-Peterson, Gabel Spelts
4th place – Pine Island Islander Dan Krier
5th – Plainview-Kael Lamb – Elgin-Millville
6th – Jack Thomas Springer Academy
8th. Saint Lawns falls into the cannon
8th – Casson-Mantorville Henry Paulson

1st place match
Cael Berg (Simley) 41-4, Jr. Joe Kozlowski (Lake City) 28-10, Jr. (MD 15-3)

Guaranteed places
1st place – Simley's Ryan Sokol
2nd Place – Casson-Mantorville Taner Paulson
3rd Place – Pleinovs-Elgin-Milvila Kaels Marx
4th place: St. Jacob Academy Jac Jacob Draxler
5th – Mason West of Lake City
6th – Riley Schwittenberg from Stuartville
8th – Loliston-Altura-Rushford-Peterson Colton Reiser
8th – Colton Allizer of Pine Island

1st place match
Ryan Sokol (Simley) 42-2, Junior: Taner Paulson (Casson-Mantorville) 28-10, Relay (MD 19-6)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – oe Stileen Plainview-Elgin-Millville
2nd place – Travis Dohman of Simley
3rd place – Pine Island Island Mason Pike
4th place – Luke Becker of Lake City
5th place – Vincent Muller of St. Thomas Academy
6th: Leviston-Althura-Rushford-Peterson, Brennan Corcoran
8th – Will Lawrence Stuartville
8th – Byron's Wyatt Nemekek

1st place match
Oe Stoke (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) 31-2, Sr. Travis Dohmen (Simley) 20-10, Sr. (Dec 3-2)

Guaranteed places
1st place – Kailon-Mantorville's Kail Wynia
2nd place – Nolan Vanzek of Simli
3rd Place – Derek Mainke of Lake City
4th Place – Plainview-Dereck Boyum – Elgin-Millville
5th – Stuartville Keegan Felins
6th – Jake Borman of St. Thomas Academy
8th – Pine Island's Cooper Williams
8th – Jace Strain of Byron

1st place match
Kail Wynia (Kasson-Mantorville) 31-10, So. Nolan Wanzek (Simley) 39-7, Sr.- (December 6-5)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Sammy Gavin Nelson
2nd Place – Bennett Berger of Casson-Mantorville
3rd Place – Dominic Gohl-Kirer of Lom City
4th Place – Jenson Jersioglu of St. Thomas Academy
5th – Alex Rahman of Plainview-Elgin-Millville
6th – Beau Zimmerman of Cannon Falls
8th: Leviston-Althura-Rushford-Peterson, Colin Klug
8th place – Baleon Kaleb Crete

1st place match
Gavin Nelson (Simley) 38-5, Fr. taking advantage of Bennett Berg (Kasson-Mantorville) 39-1, So. (SV-1 7-5)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Kasson-Mantorville Patrick Kennedy
2nd Place – Quayin Short of Simley
3rd place – Thomas Frank Lake City
4th place – Stuartville Christian Saket
5th place: Levison-Althura-Rushford-Peterson, Jacques Mayer
6th – Anthony Roberto of Plainview-Elgin-Millville
7th – St. John's Academy John von Berdusco

1st place match
Patrick Kennedy (Casson-Mantorville) 32-0, Quinn Shorty (Simley) 41-3, Junior (December 11-6)

Guaranteed places
1st place ass assson Kennedy – Casson-Mantorville
2nd – Siman's Landan DuVal
3rd place – Martin Prieto of Plainview-Elgin-Millville
4th place – Riley Keenan from Cannon Falls
5th – Lake Nut from City
6th – Pine Island's Jaxon Klusmann
8th – Byron Bo Lorenzen
8th place: St Jacobs Jacques Tomasso

1st place match
Acks junior Kennedy (Casson-Mantorville) 30-11, junior Landan DuVal (Simley) 38-6; (Fall 4:28)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Bennett Tabor of Simley
2nd place – St. Solidey of the Thomas Academy Garrison
3rd Place – Lake City Max Balloon
4th Place – Reason Paron of Kasson-Mantorville
5th – Vicente Deleon of Byron
6th – Stuartville Parker Parker
8th – Jackine Swanson of Pine Island
8th – Cody Schneider of Plodyview-Elgin-Millville

1st place match
Bennett Tabor (Simley) 43-0, Junior Solidey Junior (St. Thomas Academy) 13-2, Junior (Fall 4:45)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Plainview's Logan Wingert – Elgin-Millville
2nd Horizon – Casson-Mantorville Anthony Mo-Tucker
3rd place – St. Thomas Academy in Leo Bloch
4th place – Adam Klingporn of Pine Island
5th – Ryan Linde of Cannon Falls
6th – Chris Celis of Simli
8th – Leviston-Altura-Rushford-Peterson Alex Alex Perez
8th – Byron Carter Grater

1st place match
Logan Wingert (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) 38-2, Sr. over Anthony Moe-Tucker (Kasson-Mantorville) 13-5, So. (December 9-8)
2nd place wrestler

Section 1AAA

Guaranteed places
1st place is Kael Rob of Oaton
2nd Place – Aivine Wasseman of Albert Lea District
3rd place – Ryan Saliva of Farmington
4th place – JT Hausen of Caribbean
5th – Northfield Brady Gors
6th – Calder Sheehan of Rochester Mayo
8th – Brody Robinson of Rochester Bron Marshall Rodriguez
8th – Austin Kung Biak Town

1st place match
Cael Robb (Owatonna) 36-6, Fr. 32-9 by Aivin Wasmoen (Albert Lea Territory); (December 3-0)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Framington Hunting Fruits
2nd place: Beo Murphy from Northfield
3rd Place – Ouenaton Onen Thorn
4th place – Evan Moorud of Winona-Vinona Koteri
5th – Elliot Willand of Caribbean
6th – Reister Mayo's Kay Kobayashi
7th – Rochester yn Marshall Ethin Berthsinger

1st place match
Hunter Frost (Farmington) 36-11, So. Over Beau Murphy (Northfield) 37-9, So. (MD 13-4)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Winona-Winona Cotter Ryan Henningson
2nd Place – Yves Evilard of Ovaton
3rd place – North at Messer Hortfield
4th place – Ben Timmerman of Rochester Mayo
5th – Jake Arens of Farmington
6th Horizon – Isaac Jetzer of the Caribbean

1st place match
Ryan Henningson (Vinona-Vinona Cotter) 43-2, St. Ives Evilard (Ovaton) 23-8 (MD 10-2)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Chase Murphy of Northfield
2nd Place – Winona-Winona Kotter Logan Henningson
3rd Place – Tucker Eriksmo, Albert Le District
4th place – Gael Ramirez of Garibalo
5th place – Ovaton Kane Havel
6th – Aiden Han-Lindemyer of Farmington
8th – Rico Kobeayashi of Rochester Mayo
8th – Rochester an on Marshall Evans Hanson

1st place match
Chase Murphy (Northfield) 41-4, Junior Tucker Eriksmoen (Territory of Albert Lea) 11-19, Junior (Fall 2:49)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Marshall Peters of Rochester Mayo
2nd place: Sam Holman from Northfield
3rd place – Cameron Davis of Albert Le County
4th place – Chase Dallman of Owatonna
5th – DJ Saunders of Faribault
6th – Austin Lathan Wilson
8th – Dylan Olson of Farmington
8th – Brennan Spelts of Winona-Vinona Kotter

1st place match
Marshall Peters (Rochester Mayo) 33-6, junior Sam Holman (North Field) 37-11, junior (December 3-1)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Drew Woodley Northfield
2nd Place – Rochester Conn & Marshall Connor Higgins
3rd place – Jac Jacob Rinard of Okatonia
Fourth place: Raleigh Stoltz of Caribbean
5th – Gareth Berg of Farmington
6th – Ranches Mayo's Jan List
7th – Sam Ofleck of Austin

1st place match
Drew Woodley (Northfield) 48-1, Junior Conor Higgins (Rochester John on Marshall) 30-7, Sts. (December 7-1)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Luke Peterson of Farmington
2nd Place – Reiter Sheikh of Redester Mayo
3rd place – Colle Glaser of Albert Le District
4th place: J face of the Oraton
5th – Gavin Anderson from Northfield
6th – Alex Hoy of Garibalo
8th – Austin Free from Austin
Eighth – Peyton Richard of the Rockets

1st place match
Luke Peterson (Farmington) 37-2, St. Kate Sheehan (Rochester Mayo) 32-5, Religion (December 1-0)

Guaranteed places
1st place – Ovenaton Landen Johson
2nd Place – Gareth Pavelco of Rochester
3rd Place – Caleb Talamanthes of Albert Le District
4th place – North Ace Baron, Northfield
5th – Cole Han-Lindemeyer of Farmington
6th – Brisbane Nolen of Jariboli
8th – Dylan Pepper of Rochester Mayo
8th. Isaac Allard – Winona-Winona Cotter

1st place match
Landen Johnson (Owatonna) 42-1, So. Caleb Thalamantes (Albert Leah Territory) 36-9, Jr. (December 9-6)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Owen Faro of Rochester Century
2nd Place – Ethan Nsson, Northern Province
3rd Place – Austin Farmington Shell
Fourth place – Kaden Nelson of Oatathon
5th – Ethan Smith of Rochester Mayo
6th – S Soto of Gharibalu
8th – Austin Green's Wilson
8th horizon: the Camyrn Sense of Winona-Vinona Cotter

1st place match
Owen Faro (Rochester Century) 35-8, Holy: Ethan nsson (Northfield) 20-8, Holy (December 4-2)

Guaranteed places
In the 1st place is Jib Oatudd of Gharibalu
2nd place – Chase Vought of Washington
3rd place – Overseas Matt Seicora
4th place – Nicola Mikula of Northfield
5th – Sam Allen of Rochester Mayo
6th – Tyler Barney of Albert Le County
7th – Austin Mason Callahan

1st place match
Josh Oathoudt (Faribault) 34-4, Sr. over Matt Matt Seykora (Owatonna) 25-16, Jr. (Fall 1:47)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Parker Vance of Farmington
2nd Place – Andrew Meyer of Winona-Winona Kotter
3rd place – Ethan Stockton of Ethatonia
4th place – North of Holman, Northfield
5th – Cadin Indrell of Albert Le District
6th. Rochester De Jesus, John Rochester of Rochester
8th – Ethan Vanderwart of Rochester Mayo
8th – Nathan Miller of Rochester

1st place match
Parker Wenz (Farmington) 25-4, junior Ethan Stockwell (Ovatona) 19-17, junior (TF-1.5 1:50 (16-1))

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Luke Wierke of Farmington
2nd Place – Dylan Lipert of Caribbean
3rd Place – Winona-Vinona Kotter Tire Nachigigal
4th place – Ovatona wine price
5th – Corinne Erts North
6th – Austin Angel Aguilera Limousine
7th – Adam Sample of Albert Lea District

1st place match
Luke Weerke (Farmington) 29-4, Sts. Dylan Lippert (Faribalt) 30-8, Sts. (December 8-2)

Guaranteed places
1st place – Rochester Century Set Agent
2nd Place – Andrew Keller of Farmington
3rd place: Dort Tonjum from Northfield
4th place – Dedrick Burger of Rochester Mayo
5th – Garib Shatsikih of Gharibalu
6th – Winona-Winona Kotter Sean Mugo
8th – Adam Vlasatin of Austin
Eighth place is Luke Euertz

1st place match
Seth Arndt (Rochester Century) 39-4, St Andrew Keller (Farmington) 19-13, St. Andrews; (Fall 3:29)

Guaranteed places
1st Place – Isaiah Noelder of Ovaton
2nd place – Winona-Vinona Kotter Chander Rusert
3rd place – Nick Lopez from Northfield
4th place – Trevor Olson of Farmington
5th – Rochester Tan & Marshall Taner Glam
6th – Gavin Pique of Rooster Mayo
8th – Carter Pests of Albert Le County
8th – Nicholas Lambert of Austin

1st place match
Isaiah Noeldner (Owatonna) 33-7, Sr. over Zander Rusert (Winona-Winona Cotter) 28-4, Jr. (Dec 6-3)

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