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The Milton Bay, which forms part of the mouth of the River Dip, is so polluted that the Milnerton Canoe Club is unable to offer or develop a program because of the risk of juveniles falling into the water. This, despite the estuary, is part of Table Bay Nature Reserve in Cape Town.

Richard Allen, president of the Milnerton Canoe Club, said that Lotto's funds are available for development projects, but the club, located on the Milburn Bay in Woodbridge Island, could not risk children becoming ill when they inevitably fell asleep.

Allen says the club had about 20 young people in its startup program, but parents were pulling their children out of the water because of the wind. “The last time we started a program for beginners was about six or seven years ago. We now have a group of only seven children whose parents are aware of the quality of the water, but the children are good enough not to sink their children, ”he said.

Allen said the contaminated water is not only a health risk, but the club has "argued and fought" with city authorities for years before they finally submit the results of monthly water quality tests in the rest of the reservoir and river.

Allen posted the latest results he had after talking to GroundUp in late November. The results show that the level of bacterial contamination is up to 300 times the national guideline for inter-maritime communication related to activities such as sailing, sailing or fishing.

The National Interim Contact Guide recommends E.coli colonization units of less than 1000 (CFU) per 100 ml. E.coli is used as a bacteriological indicator for the level of contamination.

Results from the Sept. 17 samples from Allen's municipal science service show that the E.coli CFU count is 99,000 at 99 ml per 100 lm on the Woodbridge Island Bridge on the road to Lockton, in the middle of the Milton Bay. At the mouth of the Milnerton Bay, the E.coli count was five times the limit of 5000 CFU per 100 CFU.

The results clearly show that the contamination comes into the estuary through storm water canals and Potsdam wastewater treatment, as the estimated storm surge from Theo Marayis Park – Montague Gardens was 250,000 CFU 100ml. Bayside Mall's storm surge estimated 10000 ml 300,000. The Potsdam Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTW) also drains a drainage into the Deep River. The results show that the effluent contained 270,000 E.coli CFU 100ml.

Allen told GroundUp that the lagoon is "particularly disgusting" because "it does not rain during the summer months, so we are dealing with the flow from the informal settlement of Slovenia and the industrial gardens of Montague Gardens."

He said the restoration of the old wooden bridge on Woodbridge Island, which had just been completed for R23.4 million, was simply a "sewer bridge". The figure skating club had about 30 members, half of whom were "alien swimmers" and included Springboks and paddlers who regularly won big races.

They are very rare if they ever fall from their arches and know how to pour water from the water that falls on any face. But he said the children were regularly on the beach while playing in the seawater. "There is a small sign that warns that you are swimming at your own risk, but no one reads it."

The city is polluting its natural reserve

In addition to extremely high bacteriological contamination, fresh water from the Potsdam WWTW inlet into the estuary, built in 1991, as well as storm water currents, has led to long-term environmental changes. This is according to BSc. "Honor" research paper by Michal Vyshikh published in 2014

A study by Viskich found "remarkably high levels of bacteria in the bay" and "a marked decrease in the number and abundance of invertebrate species." Constant sweet streams from urban infrastructure such as WWTW and storm water canals have led to "large-scale changes in the abundance and distribution of the sand beam," in the lagoon, the sand shrimp is now found only in seawater where the sea is located. These changes, Vishic said, have taken place "in a relatively short period of time – just 16 years." The changes and "disturbances" also led to the expansion and new import of "exotic and invasive species", such as the European beach reservoir (Orchestia gammarella), highly invasive mosquito fish (Gambusia affinis) and invasive Fascicidae (Fascicidae enamidae).

Battle quality data

Carolyn Markle, head of the environmental portfolio at the Union of Central Millennium Residents, said that "for the last six to seven years, it has been dealing with pollution in the River Dip and the Bay of Milton.

Marx says there are 18 places in the reserve where the city takes samples every month and "some sites are better than others. it depends on where the storm waters are. " The monthly tests only concerned bacteria, not heavy metals such as mercury.

He said he had collected monthly water quality testing because of his position in the residents' association, but to do so he had to sign a non-disclosure agreement banning him from sharing the results with the media.

Marx said he had to re-sign the contract this year after it was signed a few years ago. "Who I can share the results with is not clearly defined, so I don't share them with anyone if they leak in the press. To get them, I argued a lot. I have threatened PAIA (requesting information access promotion), and the only reason (I have received them) is that I am in the PAAC (Protected Areas Advisory Committee) Water Quality Working Group. "

Marx proposed assuming that the water quality test results would be made available to "all affected parties," and all councilors voted in favor of the motion. At the same time, Allen said he was happy to share the results, as he had never signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Chairman of the Table Bay Conservation Area Advisory Committee Gordon Lange said the commission was "really concerned" about the water quality in the estuary. He said that more than three months ago an official application was submitted to City to publicize the results of the monthly water quality check. "We're still waiting for a response," Lange said at the end of November.

Since a preliminary assessment of large quantities of sewage in the Milnerton and Blauberg area in 2015 was carried out by consultants for a fee of R3.5 million, the City restored the system, according to Xantea, a member of the Mayor's Committee on Land Economy and Waste. Limburg:

He said projects completed to date include: Rehabilitation and modernization of large-scale sewer Sanddrift for R70 million. Wholesale sewer upgrading in the Slovenia / Phoenix region at a cost of R1.5 million; and Dunoon Sewer line drainage so that unless the newly built Du Noon No 2 pumping station fails, the existing Du Noon wholesale sewage and existing manholes will no longer be dumped into the Diep River Estuary system. This cost was R600,000.

Limburg said the City was approaching a low-flow derailment system that would direct the storm from Joe Slovo / Phoenix to the Potsdam WWTW-fed sewer systems. It should be completed in December at a cost of R2 million.

He said other pipeline projects are: Du Noon Bulk Kewer's diversion to prevent "penetration into the existing system of foreign materials. It is expected to be completed by 2020 at a cost of R4 million; the new Montuge Drive large-scale emergency sewer to be completed in 2026 at an estimated cost of R330 million; and other large-scale sewage recovery projects in the Blauberg / Milton area with a total budget of $ 2026 million.

As for the availability of water quality data, Limburg said that "there is an internal procedure for providing external data" and all applicants "have been asked to complete and sign a" use contract "and that data is provided to them." .

He said the agreement "simply requires that data be disseminated or published without the consent of the city." The internal water quality report must be prepared and completed by March 2020 by consultants, who are paid up to 20,000,000 rubles.

The coastal water quality report, which was announced last year by the Limburg Administration to be available earlier this year, has not yet been released.

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