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The tribute concerts, the tribute tribute, and the covers of other bands and singers from the "Good Old Days" will soon be added in 2020.

When we do not know the original, we are comforted by the copy. As a sign of the times, a symptom of a rock scene lacking a bit of new stuff, there have never been so many "true copies". As nature vacuums vacuum, large stages like Zenith are filled with imitations of the desire to create.

In 2020, a "tribute" to groups will fall. From the Dire Straits experience to the Queen's Night, passing through New York, alongside Goldman and Cap Tramp, without forgetting about the main Rabeats.

In honor of every owner, La Voie de Johnny, Jean-Baptiste Guegan will resurrect the youth idol in Zenith on January 11.

Queen's Night will follow the filing on February 9, while still in Zenith. Fans of Freddie Mercury will be "melted down" by the double voice and physical double of Gary Mullen, who died in 1991.

The Georges-Brassens site in Feytiat is set to go live on February 20 with Covertramp and its musicians paying tribute to Supertramp. The Rabeats will blow up their 20 candles of their Beatles' great classics on March 14 in Zenith.

The latter will still be hot on March 18 to beat Dire Straits director Chris White, saxophonist, original band member (photo).

Limoges Opera House will not obey. On April 14, it will host the Goldman Group and its 100% tribute to Goldman. Copies are true and pleasure is valid. This is an essential …

Jean-Louis Oubert at Zenith on March 13

Tucked away by the beautiful branding of Insus, the former Téléphone singer returned to the scene in 2019 with a series of intimate concerts called "Premiers", which she released in the form of "Premix".

In 2020, Jean-Louis Aubert continues his solo comeback on the 22nd with Zenith with Refuge, a double album of 22 tracks released in the fall. It will be the rock event of the year beginning March 13 in Zenith de Limoges.

Michelle Jonas at the Opera House on January 31

His last visit to Limoges ends by 2018. Michel Jonas and his experience return with a new album, La Méouge, le Rhône, la Durance, released in the fall after 8 years of silence. The Blue Player gathers around his old bandmates Manu Kache, Jean-Yves de Angelo and Jeremy Regard. Limoges Opera, January 31:

Popa Chubbi at the age of 31 at Espace de Cruze

This good old Popa comes to remember us. New York and its Stratocaster 66 will be on stage at Espace du Crouzy on Friday, January 31. Let's not forget that the New York Blues Leader is one of the greatest guitar players of his generation.

Undeniably graceful, and even if the "beast" has not lost weight and his goat snows with a few white hairs, his sixties are approaching, Ted Horowitz remains a stage musical and an unusual character with his 38 albums. studios and live mixes with blues, rock, funk, soul and even rap and gangsta rap. There is always humor that supports political and social discourse. Popa plays the ball through.

Angel in February is full

The announcement of the pop song will be completed by Zenith of Limoges on February 5. And there is almost no room left. The phenomenon of the new stage, the Belgian sparkling blonde has been spreading the wave of success with humor and calm provocation for two years now.

In her first album, Brol, this talented girl talks about her daily life (Murphy's Law), condemning the record-breaking (Balance ton quoi) sexism of music styles from electric to rap.

Alain Sochon on April 3 at Zenith

The "Strain" did not return to the stage as a soloist for 6 years. After concerts with his friend Laurent Woolsey, he returns to his favorite playground.

In her bag of 40 years of songs and a new album "Ames fifties", she will be at Zénith de Limoges on April 3. Nostalgia and poetry with a Persian, above his Belvedere, where he ascends to sit, he looks at "France with its lights, with its sufferings." They go to him and his boredom "both there", they wait for the night because "we see everything from there."

An opera for children by Olivier Pierre

On April 7, 8 and 9 at the Opera House with Oliver P by Oliver P, younger teens will be spoiled. The director of the Avignon Festival chose the form of a small operetta, "like a miniature Shakespeare whose monologues turned into a song." To do this, it unites a multi-talented program – singers, dancers, actors.
“Winning Love is a fairy tale in which the child realizes that his wish, and only his wish, is truth that is suitable for tomorrow's world. He watches adult violence and learns to judge it. he talks to the Evil without despair, "he explains.

1001 Notes and dance to Emo

Limousine festivals are a big surprise for 2020. The 14th release of 1001 notes (July 25-August 8) features exclusive curtain raisers at Zenith featuring pianist Alexander Taraud (photo) accompanied by the Garde Reppekalen Orchestra. This 2020 harvest promises to be a very high level meeting with two international artists – former Paris Opera star Marie-Agnes Guillot and pianist Michael Rudy. Followed by Richard Galliano, Boris Berezovsky, sisters Katya and Mariel Labeca, Rosemary Stendley and Ensemble Contrast. Emir Kusturica will close this edition at Zenith. On the dance side, the Emo Dance Festival will mark its 20th anniversary (March 24-April 9). 10 intense days, in particular with Amala Dianor, Anna Theresa de Kershmaker and the Choreographic Ensemble of the Paris Conservatory.

And good laugh in Cascade

Muriel Robin. With its new show, "Et Pof! ", She reviews her protective sketches with novelties and improvisations. On February 14 at Zenith.

Fabrice Lucini: The brilliant "balloon" comes to talk to us about money: Peguy, Zola, Bruckner, Marx, Jean Cau and more. At the Opera House on March 31. But it is complete.

Anne Ruanoff. The red lady returns with her faint outline. It amuses us and makes politics worse. This does not interfere with the beautiful moments of emotion. Ann Rowanoff is at the pinnacle of her art today, which she has worked on for almost 30 years. And even if the world goes wrong, he will say in the Opera May 16, "Everything is fine."

Gad Elmale. Five years after Gad's inaugural English tour in more than 15 countries and more than 15 countries, Gad introduces a new man-made show "Where Elsewhere." With this 6th show, he tours from April and will be in Zenith on December 3, 2020.

Jean-Paul Sportio:

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