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When it comes to The Bachelorette:, I'm not going to lie, some dates look absolutely great; they may even include special guests. On Monday night, Becca will travel to Capital Records and meet with a real producer. Who is Richard Marx?? The singer / songwriter / producer will give a speech The Bachelorette:.

This will certainly not be the first time that celebrities award a bachelorette with their presence. It's been last year Bachelors: Group date: A-list pairing Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis showed up to help Rachel. They said they were both huge fans of the show. "Monday nights are white wine for us, a vodka tonic, Baccalaureate or Bachelors:“The date was focused on being a good husband and father, and while it might have appeared in the 'kinda sexist' zone (well, I suppose that performance as a whole), it was very fun to see Catcher and Kunis there.

Already a famous guest this season. For Becca's first one-on-one date (with Blake), Lily showed that they were singing "Turn off for what" and ad-lib, while both broke things that reminded Barry of Ari. I'm not sure any other date will be announced this season, but maybe it could be a songwriter with Richard Marx.


Richard Marx it's a big deal. He has sold over 30 million records and is not only a musician but also a songwriter and producer. His debut album Richard Marx (super original there), released in 1987 and featuring hits like "Hold on the Nights" and "Don't Mean Nothing", which earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Male Rock Vocal. His next album was called Repeat the criminal and hit No. 1 and went to the rectangle. The two # 1 singles on that 1989 album were "Satisfied" and "Right Here Waiting".

In addition to writing for himself, Marx also worked with artists such as Groban and artists like N & # 39; SYNC. So yes, it's safe to say that Marx is quite successful. According to Inquisitr, Marx will come out one by one to help Becca write a song. Adorable! I hope it's a dramatic day, seeing that the band episode is set to raise some emotions.

Last episode, Colton found out he was dating Becca's friend Tia from last year's season Baccalaureate. Beka grieved, but kept Colton in the house. Didn't you know that, in this episode, Becca's friends from the previous season are on the group's agenda? Colton is dating, and Tia is a friend. Becca spoke about their romantic relationshiptelling ET:"Yes, they had a past, so it's something of Tia, and I had conversations," Becca said. “They had an appointment. I don't know how serious it was, but you'll see it happen all season. "


Becca also said that he liked Colton from the beginning. He said ET, "Colton, one night, I remember how much of a heart that heart had, "he said. – What really drew me to that night was the fact that he started a non-profit (for cystic fibrosis), and that's close. dear to my heart, because two of my cousins ​​have it. So one evening I felt that we were really connected to it. "Now she's going no more here than 'Night One,'" and Bachelor Nyon saw how salty she had fallen into Colton when she found out, but interestingly she prepared this point.

Seeing that there may be some disputes on the group's agenda, one person with Richard Marx can bring good worth to the frozen and divided. I'm excited to hear Becca's song.

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