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  • The closure of Coronavirus has prompted many artists to shake up social media and engage with fans more directly.
  • Some musicians have recently started live broadcasting concerts while in quarantine.
  • Even top-class musicians like Garth Brooks, Le Jon Legend and Chris Martin have fun.
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Coronavirus has become isolated in most parts of the world, and some celebrities just have no idea what to do with them. To Relationship: Madonna was furious on Twitter, posting videos that are sometimes sincere nonsense. He had a more bizarre note, which involved him bathing in a milk bath with rose bushes, talking about how coronavirus is a great equalizer. In another note, he began to sing a parody song about fried fish. The performance was so worthwhile that it even forced King Vedir Al to respond. “Look. It's not so easy. "

However, not all celebrities are completely devoid of self-recognition. In fact, some athletes, actors, and musicians post very good content while remaining in the lock. For example, some musicians have decided to give free and improv concerts in their living rooms for free. And we're not talking about some C-level musicians you've never heard of. We're talking about A-lists like Garth Brooks, Cold Martin from Coldplay, Sean Mendes, and more.

If you haven't seen one of these videos live yet, you are missing something of a unique and unique experience. For example, last Monday Garth Brooks and Trisha Enwood held a private conversation in their home that attracted 3.4 million viewers to FaceBook Live. Yesterday Brooks and Elinud again aired live and even prompted viewers' requests.

To take a look at what you're missing, here's a video by Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello on Instagram:

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So where do you go if you want to take advantage of some of these fascinating performances? Well, you have to follow a lot, but follow it has put together a beautiful list of online music destinations that you need to remember.

Some notable choices can be seen below and include heavy blows such as Metallica, Machine Gun Kelly and Yo-Yo Ma.

  • Americana Highway airs Live Quarantine Live, a series of four 30-minute sets by various artists, six nights a week. Facebook Live:. Here is: artists' graphic.
  • Billboard's Live-At-Home brings live music to their homes Facebook 80s musician Richard Marx performs twice for Billboard Live At-Home 3. ET on March 26.
  • Mary Chapin Carpenter has launched a new online song series "Songs From Home" Facebook.
  • Charli XCX: launches a series of new live Instagram self-insulating live shows.
  • Diplo rotates two hours under the heading of the DJ Corona World Tour on selected days, at 10pm. ET through it YouTube, Drift and: On Instagram. He plans to continue doing so as long as people are away or quarantined.
  • On April 1-14, Echosmith will give a voice performance during "The Lonely Generation Acoustic Digital Tour" On Instagram and: Facebook.
  • Garth Brooks is a weekly series Facebook It's called "Inside Studio G" on Monday evening at 7pm. ET:
  • Glass Animals singer Dave Bailey launches "Quarantine covers" YouTube, which will introduce her to cover songs requested by her fans and pass on the tools she used to record them.
  • JoJo sends memos during live broadcast 3. ET every day on him On Instagram.
  • Machine Gun Kelly makes quick guitar covers every day called "#LockdownSessions" On Instagram.
  • Katharine McPhee and David Foster give a live talk On Instagram every day at 8am. On the 30th. ET:
  • On Monday, Metallica launched a new concert series called "#MetallicaMondays" YouTube and: Facebook.
  • MTV launches "Unplugged at home" featuring artists performing home-made sound sets YouTube. They will announce more artists in the coming weeks.
  • Rolling Stone magazine has launched a new series on Instagram called: & # 39; In my room & # 39;, at 3 o'clock. ET every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Tidal hosts Check In series featuring Elliott Wilson and special guests On Instagram.
  • Rob Thomas regularly shares "#SocialDistanceSessions" On InstagramEncouraging the participation of other artists.
  • Vanessa Carlton, who became famous in 2002 with her first hit, "Thousand Miles," sings two songs every day On Instagram presentation at 6pm. ET until March 27 when it releases its sixth album, Love Is An Art.
  • The World Health Organization created it Together at home a campaign where you can find out more about COVID-19, watch live performances from the most popular musicians during the WTO's free concert series, and donate COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fundraising. They also give live concerts On Instagram.
  • Yo-Yo Ma plans to air live On Instagram regularly in his "Resting Songs" series.

Image Source: Photo: TIAGO PETINGA / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

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