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  • The closure of Coronavirus has encouraged many artists to rely on social media and engage with fans more directly.
  • Recently, some musicians started streaming live concerts while they were alone.
  • Even top-notch musicians such as Garth Brooks, John von Legend and Chris Martin have fun.
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Coronavirus closures cover most of the world, and some celebrities have no idea what to do on their own. By the way, Madonna took to Twitter to post and post videos that are sometimes just completely emotional. He was involved in swimming in a milk bath with rose bushes, talking about how the coronavirus is a perfect partner in a more bizarre record. In another record, he began to sing a parodic song about fried fish. The performance was so cheerful and worthy, and even the king of irony encouraged Ali to reply: “Look. It's not so easy. "

However, not all celebrities have a complete lack of self-awareness. In fact, some athletes, performers, and musicians have posted great content while remaining closed. For example, some musicians have decided to give free and outdated concerts in their living rooms for free. And we're not talking about some C-level musicians you've never heard of. We're talking about A-lists like Garth Brooks, Coldplay Chris Martin, Sean Mendes and more.

If you haven't seen one of these videos live yet, you are missing something of a unique and unique experience. This past Monday, for example, Garth Brooks and Trisha Onlwood had a private chat from their home that attracted 1.5 million viewers on Facebook Live. Yesterday Brooks and Elinud again aired live, and even submitted requests from viewers.


To relax about what you might be missing out on, here's a video by Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello posting a snapshot on Instagram.

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So if you want to take the opportunity on such an interesting thing, where are you going? Well, there is a lot to follow, but has compiled a large list of online destinations for the music you need to remember.

A few noteworthy choices will come down below and include heavy blows such as Metallica, Machine Gun Kelly and Yo-Yo Ma.

  • AmericanTana Highways airs Live Quarantine Live, a series of four-minute 30-minute series by various artists, six nights a week, on Facebook Live. Here is the graphic of the artists.
  • Armin van Buren's live broadcast "Beat the Silence" will stream daily via Twitch, Facebook and YouTube.
  • Billboard Live-At-Home brings live music from house to house on their Facebook page. Former 80s musician Richard Marks was going to make it twice at 8pm for the daily Billboard Live At-Home series. On March 2
  • Mary Chapin Carpenter has launched a new song series "Songs From Home" on Facebook.
  • Charlie XCX launches a new live series of Instagram from daily "self-contained" shows.
  • Depot rolled out a two-hour DJ collection entitled "Coroner & # 39; s World Tour" within 10 minutes of selected days, ET via its YouTube, Twitch and Instagram. He plans to continue this work as long as people are socially alienated or isolated.
  • From April 1 to 14, Echosmith will perform acoustic shows on his Instagram and Facebook during The Lonely Generation Acoustic Digital Digital Tour.
  • At seven o'clock on Monday morning, Garth Brooks has a weekly series "Inside Studio G" on ET on Facebook.
  • Glass Animals singer Dave Bell launches "Quarantine Covers" on YouTube, showing him the cover of songs required by fans and his outfit to record them.
  • Oj has received a live broadcast on her Instagram every day at 3pm ET.
  • Machine Gun Kelly takes to his Instagram on a daily basis with fast guitar covers called "#LockdownSession".
  • Katharine McFee and David Foster were featured live on Instagram every morning at 7pm. On the 30th.
  • Thor Kelly is live on Instagram every night at 7pm. ET:
  • On Monday, Metallica launches a series of new concerts on YouTube and Facebook, known as "#MetalicaMondacy".
  • MTV has launched "Home Power Off", featuring a number of artists performing home acoustic sets on YouTube. They will announce more artists in the coming weeks.
  • Rolling Stone Magazine launches a new series of "My Room" on Instagram Thursday night. ET every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Erie Elliott is hosting a Check In series with special guests on Wilson and Instagram.
  • Rob Thomas regularly shares on Instagram the #Social Distance Sessions and encourages other artists to participate.
  • Vanessa Carlton, who became known for her first hit "Thousand Miles", goes up on Instagram every morning. At ten o'clock he sang two songs. ET will release its sixth album, "Love is an Art", until March 2.
  • The World Health Organization is launching its Together at Home campaign, where you can learn more about COVID-19, view live performances of the most popular musicians at the WTO's free concerts, and donate to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fundraiser. They also stream live concerts on their Instagram.
  • Yo-Yo Ma plans to regularly perform her "Relaxation Music" series on Instagram.

Image Source: Photo: Tiago Petinga / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

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