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It's a crossover about what boy lovers have been dreaming of for years. Take that Gary Barlow and Westlife's Shane Filan got together to do a duet.

Westlife director Shane and Take That songwriter Gary spent part of his time at home gathering to perform a virtual duet.

Gary and Shane sing Richard Marx's hit Waiting right here.

Westlife's Shane Filan shared a video of himself singing That That & # 39; s Gary Barlow. Pic. Instagram / Shane Filan:

The boys sang in perfect harmony because of the video communication in their respective homes.

Posting the video on her Instagram pages, Shane said she loves teaming up with the duo for "Take That" star.

He even called it Westlife and Take The Mashup.

"I hope this makes you guys all smiles," Shane wrote.

“I was having fun with Gary Barlow when I was locked in my house.

'Thank you to all the frontline staff around the world for taking care of us all.

Shane Gillan filmed his duet with Gary Barlow as WestTake. Pic. Instagram / Shane Filan:

'Here's our' WestTake 'with an absolutely classic tune.

Writing on her Instagram, Gary Barlow revealed that the duo is in "Chronic Sessions."

Posting the video, she hugged Shane Gillan.

Gary Barlow attacked Shane Gillan and confessed that he was a big fan of Westlife. Pic. Instagram / Shane Filan:

He wrote: 'I've always been a big fan of this guy's singing talents and showing them a better place than here.

"Enjoy the curse and thank Shane again."

Fans loved the boy's cross, and many said that in the future they would love to see the West and take up the duo.

Fans absolutely loved Westwest and Take It duet between Shane Gillan and Gary Barlow. Pic. Instagram / Shane Filan:

"You're both amazing musicians," said one fan.

"I hope we'll see you all on stage."

Another fan said: "You two together, pure gold."

Boyband fans have also been referring to the reunion of Backstreet Boys earlier this week. Pic. IHeart Radio / Fox:

It was a good week for Bobby's fans.

As well as Westlife and Take That mashup, music lovers were also referring to the reunion of Backstreet Boys.

The group has gathered a video link to prepare their hit That's what I want.

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