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But in that case there is a valid reason for that. Jazz players are focused… well, on jazz.

"By playing our tougher teams, you can't really think about it (the All-Star Game," the guard added). "… The five games made it easier for me to forget."

Rudy, however, confesses that while he is looking forward to playing with some family, taking a few days off "somewhere sunny where I can blink," he is not going to ignore the last Jazz match tonight against Miami.

“It is very important for us to give a high rating. I don't think we will appreciate what we lose tonight, ”he said. – I think the harder the team will win. We have to show that we are. "

Donovan, however, was similarly reminiscent of the bigger picture.

"I'm excited about it … but it's bigger than one whole stellar game," he said. "We haven't used it since the second round (play-offs). So we have to be ready and stay closed.

I'm off to Chicago on Thursday for All-Star weekend coverage. I have All-Star stuff for the first time (I wish you good luck), but for the fourth time in Chicago. I had some good memories there, partly because I had an extended family there with my wife, but also because I saw Slash-Axl-Duff's incarnation at Guns N & # 39; s Roses for the first time at a concert. :

Speaking of which, I know that Chicago is not usually perceived as LA or New York or Nashville as a musical city, but there is a great deal of talent coming out of it: Muddy Waters, Sam Cooke, Kanye West, Wilco, Mike You guys, the ministry … even properly integrated Chicago. Of course, the Windy City also gave us the upset and Richard Marx, so it weakens for that. At least I'll leave you with three wonderful (and remarkably incomparable) songs by Chicago-based artists: First of all, "I want you to want me," the cheap trick said. Next, let's go a little bit higher:1979 "from The Smashing Pumpkins. And finally, an all-time R&B boost – September by Earth, Wind and Fire.

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