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AD SAFETY GAMES (Scream Facory / Shout! Factory). The well-known devotee of Alfred Hitchcock, 1981 filmmaker Richard Franklin is very much in the Hittite mode, and for that matter no worse.

Shot in Australia, the story follows Stacy Keach, an immigrant American who now works as a freight forwarder, traveling through the Outback with his pet dingo ("Boswell") and killing time by quoting Chaucer and giving the elevator from time to time. on the butchers – among them a runaway American heiress named Pamela (ie Amy Lee Curtis) with whom she affectionately loved the nickname "Hitch".

Someone else also takes carts. A shadowy serial killer who left some of his victims scattered across different routes. The eccentric Kud is in doubt, but with Pamela's help he is determined to find the culprit. This, of course, puts both of them at significant risk…

Added by Bryan May's effective score and cinematography by Vincent Monton, Road games Great fun for everyone, especially for lovers of the genre. Keach, who looks like a ball, is in the best shape, and Curtis gives a clever shade of what could have been another Scream Queen role.

The Collector's Blu-ray edition ($ 29.99 retail) includes audio commentary, retrospective interviews and filming, theatrical trailers, and more. Rated PG: ***


THEY CAN THE LIGHT: (Warner Bros. Home Entertainment). Producer / director / screenwriter Gurind Zada ​​Award-Winner, PG-13 adaptation Sarfraz Manzoor's best-selling memoir Greetings from Bury Park. Race, Religion and Rock N & # 39; Roll: stars Viveik Kalra (on his screen debut) as a British Pakistani teenager in the late 1980s, who finds inspiration when he discovers Bruce Springsteen's music available on DVD ($ 28.98 retail) and Blu-ray ($ 35.99 retail), with each boasting bonus features. .

ONE! (TLA issue). Author / producer / editor / director Marco Berger's award-winning drama (originally titled Un rubio:) details the growing attraction between roommates Gaston Rey (also producer) and Alfonso Baron in modern Buenos Aires. Spanish, English subtitles, available on DVD ($ 24.99 retail).

JUCKY CARRY: HAIL! ROCK – N – ROLL (Shout! Factory). Taylor Hackford's profound and award-winning 1987 concert documentary highlights the career of rock pioneer (and producer) Jacques Barry as he performs at St. Louis Fox Theater to celebrate his 60th anniversary.i birthday, joined by such celebrities as Keith Richards, Robert Craig, Etta James Ames, Julian Lennon, Linda Ronstadt and Eric Clapton. Shout Select Blu-ray ($ 24.97 retail) contains documentaries, rehearsals, trailers, and more. Rated PG: ***

Wings conflict (Oooho Movie Selects / MVD Entertainment Group). The final feature film by director feature Eldridge, this mild but attractive adaptation of the future film director Don Sharp's 1954 novel The story of NorfolkAdapted by Sharp and Pon Pudney, he sees the inhabitants of the Norfolk Norfolk village join forces to protect a nearby bird sanctuary called the Children's Island when needed by the armed forces. Also released as Rage with more feathers, this has a well-rounded environment and a nice ensemble cast, including John von Gregson, Kieron Moore, Muriel Pavlow, Nial McGinnis, Harry Fowler, Russell Nappier, and George Woodwood. ** 2:

FOOD (Bullfrog Films / Icarus Films Home Video). Writer / director Thomas Bowte and co-director Marcelan Bonicelli's 2015 documentary feature explores the inner workings of the 16,000-strong Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn, operating since 1973. The DVD ($ 24.98 retail) includes bonus features. ** 2:

Times and times (Oscilloscope laboratories). Film director Christopher Munch's 1991 award-winning debut feature offers a speculative and highly telling tale of what happened in April 1963 with John John Lennon in Barcelona (Ian Hart, who later played Lennon in 1994). Back!) and "Beatles" manager Brian Epstein (David Angus in his screen debut). Both limited edition DVDs ($ 27.99 retail) and Blu-ray ($ 32.99 retail) include audio commentary, retrospective interviews, bonus shorts, and more. ** 2:

"ZONE". Series 5: (Acorn TV). A DVD collection ($ 39.99 retail) from all six feature episodes by creator / executive producer ed ed Mercury of the BBC crime series (released by US Hulu) in the 2019 season with Martin Compson and Vicky. McClure returned the case, investigating corruption in modern-day London police, backed by Adrian Dunbar, Maya Sondy, Rochenda Sandal, Ayesha Hart, Tony Pitts and Polly Walker.

LONDON KILLS. SERIES 2: (Acorn TV). Executive Producer Paul Marquez created the series of crimes, dramatizing the efforts of the elite police department led by Hugo Spear and Sharon Spayer as they tackle the most difficult cases in the titular city: Bailey Patrick and Thorie Allen-Martin as partners. . All feature length episodes from the 2019 season, plus backstage, are available on DVD and Blu-ray (retail $ 39.99 each).

HR LEATHER: (TLA issue). Writer / Producer / Director Daniel Nolasko's documentary features a contemporary Brazilian leather subculture as it follows five competitions competing for the title of Brazilian Mr Leather's second annual competition. winner of the first festival, Dom Barbudo. Portuguese, English subtitles, available on DVD ($ 24.99 retail).

«MS. MURDERED SPHERE OF MURDERED FIELDS » (Acorn TV). Geraldine Hakewell plays the title role in this Australian mystery series created by Fiona Eagger and Deb Cox and turned away from their award-winning series. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries:, set in Melbourne during the turn of the '60s, as he follows in the footsteps of his missing aunt: El Owell Acks with Terson, Toby Truslova, Louisa Mignon, Greg Stone, Katy Robertson and Catherine McKamley. All four episodes of the first season of 2019, plus backstage, are available on DVD and Blu-ray (retail for $ 49.99 each).

MY SAMURAI (MVD Entertainment Group). Con Callo (still his only screen role) plays a teenager who turns to martial arts master Julian Lee when he is chased by both police and gangsters after witnessing the murder of this R-rated 1992 gangster. action melodrama by Terry O'Connor, Quinn, Bubba Smith, Macon, Lynn Hart, Tur My Tours, and UNCSA faculty member Dale Gir (on his screen debut). Collector's "MVD Rewind" Blu-ray ($ 29.95 retail) includes retrospective interviews, theatrical trailers, collection mini wallpaper, and more.

OLIVIA (Icarus Films Home Video). Adaptation of Jacqueline Audi's 1951 semi-autobiographical novel "Dorothy Buzz" (also known as The pit of happiness) actress Claire Olivia (in her on-screen debut) as a titular British teenager attending a French boarding school and becoming a hooded headmaster (Edwig Fayler) and an invalid Swannim (a vampire teacher). It has been widely regarded as a landmark for lesbian films. French, English subtitles, available on DVD ($ 29.98 retail) and Blu-ray ($ 34.98 retail), each complete with bonus features.

SUGGESTION: (Oscilloscope laboratories). Famous artist ill il Magid makes his award-winning first feature-documentary debut detailing his efforts to liberate Mexican architect Luis Barraggán's legacy 30 years after his death, during which his 14,000 items were stored in Switzerland, eventually seized in Switzerland. It's always useless when a filmmaker acts as the lead character in their film, but ared Alterman's cinematography is stunning. Both DVD ($ 27.99 retail) and Blu-ray ($ 32.99 retail) include audio commentary, theatrical trailers, and more. ** 2:

CITIES (Scream Factory / Shout! Factory). Philip K. Dick Dugawa's 1995 short story director Second variety) sees Peter Weller, a military trooper leading to a distant planet, where they meet the titular threat, mechanized monsters that have evolved into human form. Despite Weller's usual strong turnaround and some touching topics and ideas, this one ends in the short run, but it does absolutely deliver ad campaigns for adrenaline-fueled animals. The Collector's Blu-ray edition ($ 29.99 retail) includes retrospective interviews and theatrical trailers. Rated R. **

"SESAME STREET: 50 years and calculation.» (Sesame Workshop / Shout! Kids / Shout! Factory). The title tells the story of these two DVDs in the DVD collection ($ 16.97 retail), which lists 50i Anniversary of the beloved, long-term, award-winning children's television series featuring classic episodes, memorable moments, guest stars, and more.

MORE: (New Line Cinema / Warner Bros. Home Entertainment). Constantly cool by Samuel L. Acks Esson revisits his 2000 role as New York's Private Eye's Shafton in the sequel to Tim Storne, which emphasizes comedy more than urban gloom in general. damage to the film despite the zealous actor, including Jason T. Late, Regina Hall, Alexandra Schip, Titus Welliver, Cliff "Method Man" Smith, Matt Loria and the original John von Schaft always welcome Richard Ruttrie. Both DVD ($ 28.98 retail) and Blu-ray ($ 35.99 retail) have bonus features. Rated R. **

SINATRA IN PALM CREATIONS. THE PRESIDENT IS HOME (Shout! Factory). Director / Editor / Cinematographer Leo Chen's self-explanatory feature documentary explores the titular city of California, where the legendary amusement of Frank Sinatra built his home, the Rancho Mirage Complex, located just off S interviews. With Trin Lopez, Mel Haber, Tom Dorsen and Sinatra's widow Barbara Marx (in his latest version), David Cohen provides Sinatra's voice, available on DVD ($ 16.97 retail) and Blu-ray ($ 22.97 retail). :

"THIRD" (Decco Films / TLA Edition). Filmmaker Matthew Lynn created this dramatic series (originally titled) Troops) actress Corinne Page and Raymond Shelton as a gay couple in Palm Springs who try to spice up their sincere marriage by inviting another man (Sean McBride) to move in with them, which further complicates their relationship. The DVD ($ 24.99 retail) includes all six episodes from the 2017 inaugural season.

WE ARE (Icarus Films Home Video). Emma Christopher is making her debut as a writer, producer, director and storyteller at this award-winning documentary feature the culture of the Ganga-Longoba, an Afro-Cuban ethnic group that kept their legacy alive through dance and song, and their final reunification with the Sierra Leonean people, who split from slavery almost two centuries ago. It is not difficult to entertain the anticipation and the anticipation as the reunion approaches this colorful holiday of cultural pride. The DVD ($ 29.98 retail) includes bonus shots. ***

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