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By Paris Barry.

Affirmation of the persecution suffered Uighurs Unfortunately, it wasn't a surprise. Chinese Communists jail members of this Turkish-speaking Muslim minority within China concentration campsdestroy their places of worship and cemeteries, force them to drink pork and alcohol, and deny their faith.

Although the fate of the Uighurs is particularly tragic and particularly catchy, the fate of other minorities is also very insecure and there is no indication that comparative prosecution will hit them in the future. Communism's hatred of religions is a major component of its DNA.

Mostly in the West, these discoveries have led to many convictions, both from governments and fromintelligentsia from those countries.

However, deep disloyalty reigns because this elite, the intelligentsia of artists, university lecturers millenials:for the most part he is a fervent defender of socialist ideals, of which communism is only a synonym.

Those who are outraged by the fate of the Sages also support the ideology behind these persecutions. Then the maps are well lit, no longer a matter of the Great Evening and of the revolution securing the victory of socialism over capitalism. No one explicitly endorses the use of the prescribed program marx: and Engels in the: Manifesto of the Communist Party ; by the way, what are some of them? millenials: have you read it?

From now on the emphasis is on overcoming capitalism, collapse, planetary ecology and protection, 21st century progress and socialism. It does too symptomatic those two main: candidates: Democrats explicitly refer to this ideology in the presidential election of 2020.

The hatred of capitalism

Behind the beautiful slogans the latter hides the hatred of capitalism and liberal democracy, perhaps imperfect; many criticisms can be made of them.

But the reality is that this little Lenin's iPhone is constantly denied. They have allowed the period of greatest and lasting prosperity that mankind has recognized.

Since 18th century there has been a standard of living for almost all people an incredible improvementAnd the origins of this prosperity deny and oppose those who live the best. Intellectuals and modern students live in a time of unparalleled wealth and convenience, allowing them to finance their long-term learning and teaching positions. They are the first to use a system that benefits all mankind, and they are trying to destroy it, the last example being Black Friday guided by these privileged little ones.

It is enough to ponder the cause of this nihilism under the filter of Instagram. How can socialism bring so much attraction and warmth, while the twentieth century is filled with bloody failures that are repeatedly repeated in attempts to translate the socialist promise?

New religion

One of the reasons for this is that under its scientific abyss socialism is not a theory that can be refuted by a rational approach; he is a religion.

Membership: socialism is not the result of a justified process, but a commitment to loyalty. The drama is that this is a gray religion, not based on anything. Attention, it is not confirmed that the whole religion is just a huge illusion, on the contrary, it is based on a firm affirmation, such as God's love for Christians, to hand God over to Muslims. Socialist faith rests on nothing and failure.

The theories on which it is based have all proved to be false historical materialism was endorsed by Marx, and every attempt to create a new diocese only led to failure and senseless horror. Still horrible, from the Chinese concentration camps to the North Korean gas chambers.

If witchcraft, or rather mystification, continues to work because this old idea has been acquired throughout its existence, and to this day, support steadfast by brilliant spirits, distorting their wisdom for a very bad work. They succeeded in overcoming the apparent failure of the revolution by offering other traces.

This is a well-known example Gramsci's theory proposing to destroy the system from within by penetrating it (a solution that our revolutionaries dreamed of today). They also sought to conceal the flaws of their system, nothing great at the heart of socialism beneath the mountains of rhetoric and argument, so grim that things could no longer reach them, as if they were hiding in the background a black hole where the laws of physics were no longer applied. First of all, they use weapons censorship and exclusion.

To understand their theories, one must first be convinced, or rather transformed. Anyone who tries to contradict them is one who does not want to understand who is hostile to them. If you are against socialism, then you are definitely a fascist and you do not have a dialogue with the fascist. Either you are a part of the elect, or at best a fool, even an enemy.

A sense of moral excellence

Another reason for the success of this teaching, which is still poisoning many university camps, USA- as in france:it is that it flatters itego:It is, at the same time, beside the possessor of the suppressed and extraordinary knowledge, the absolute truth, undeniable.

Truth majesty is so strong that it avoids the conditions of our world, and against which no facts can prevail. Any so-called failure of socialism can be explained either through socialist theory, its misuse or abuse, or by the act of traitors / enemies (the conspiracy theory Stalin uses in others). The real cannot restrain the socialist ideal.

So many intelligent people are subject to the pirates of socialism. The latter offers them an ideal, or rather, faith that conceals their pride while protecting them from the reality that could put them against their contradictions. In fact, socialism is another avant-garde of pagan sects creeping into the first centuries of Christianity, affirming Chesterton: when he said:

« The modern world is full of ancient Christian virtues, crazy. «

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