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President: Donald Trump on Monday he raised many eyebrows when asked what the test for coronavirus was, and replied that many had found a silhouette rather than a gas station sushi.

Tramp asked questions during the briefing about the epidemic, and for a moment he was asked: "What was it like to take an exam?"

"No – nothing I want to do every day, I can tell you," said Trump, pausing. "It's – you know, it's a little good, it's a little bit – good doctors in the White House. But it's a test. It's a test. It is a medical examination. Nothing is pleasant about it. ”

That response has been heavily criticized – and accusations of outright lies – by prominent journalists, media figures and other well-known Twitter users. For example, Soledad O'Brien pointed out the tenacious persuasive answer.

But former RNC president and now MSNBC analyst Michael Steele was more direct and supported his accusation, noting the simplicity of the test.

MSNBC's Rick Tyler was also blunt, and also rude.

That skepticism stretched as far as the eye could see.

There were doubts about the revelation.

Some people actually thought that he had passed the investigation.

The White House made a statement About the Trump Coronavirus Test, which consisted of a Navy memorandum. Sean Connley detailing the result, which would be a breach of several oaths.

Watch the video above via CNN.

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