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Trump Derangement Syndrome, Coronavirus Edition

NBA legend Karem Abdul-Abbar accuses the Trump administration of pursuing a "nazi-agendas" agenda that is similar to a "biological attack aimed at killing the poor, particularly people of color." Never-Trumper and CNN regular guest Rick Wilson mock "#BeInfected" first lady Melania Tramp on Twitter. Brother false conservative Enn Enifer Ruby is The Washington Post: states that senior Republicans who are brainwashed are more likely to get sick than Democrats. These are the last three examples of Tramp Disease Syndrome, Coronavirus Year:

Haters filled with hatred

Abdul-ab Abbar regularly writes on "Hollywood and Politics" The Hollywood Reporter:. Apparently, the Hall of Fame basketball hall makes it difficult to distinguish between artistic lines and reality. His March 18th edition for publication mixed up a useless comparison between President Trump and the Nazi cartoonists featured in Amazon's mostly streaming series called Hunters:. The show, which sadly paints the image of Al Pacino, is a fictional story of a team pursuing Nazi-Americans hidden in the 1970s. It is intended as a fantasy of revenge that may or may not be deliberately comical in its scope, Hunters: has been widely condemned by leading Holocaust authorities and Jewish organizations for its ridiculous historical inaccuracies and widespread bad taste.

However, for the converted Abdul-ab Barber, the program is not only "exciting" but also cruelly similar to the actions of Trump's White House today. "Far-Liberal Positioning". Abdul-ab Abbar writes about the gripping plot of the show. "No, if you followed the Trump administration's blame – the black guys' rhetoric and foot-dragging in response to the coronavirus epidemic. White House Press Speaker Scenes Reminiscent of Nazi Happily Repentant Hunters:»

Abdul-Abbar continued to insist that Tramp "allowed the virus to spread knowing that poor communities and people of color would pay the biggest costs – economically and healthily." He repeatedly called on Trump and his "Republican minions" to threaten "coronavirus" and then blamed "non-white people". Abdul-Ab Abbar surprisingly declared how tone-deaf it can be, stunningly saying that the heroic NBA pushed America to act against the virus. "It is ironic that it was the NBA, not the United States, that led the responsible business practice, ending its season," Abdul-Abbar wrote. "Maybe they were more sensitive to the needs of all Americans because 76 percent of their players are people of color."

It will be the same The NBA which nationwide cursed China in October for ruthlessly scaring China. It was a transparent attempt to protect the interests of his lucrative business there after Houston Rockets CEO Daryl Moore tweeted his support for Hong Kong freedom protesters, thereby fueling the rage of Communist dictatorship. Abdul-ab Abbar is best remembered for his many years with the Los Angeles Lakers. His time in La-La Land obviously involved him especially in hermetic blue bubbles.

Losing his mind on social media

Not surprisingly, Rick Wilson, who frequently appears on CNN for his non-Trump political analytics brand, angered thousands of Twitter users on March 18 with a tweet in which he identified first lady Melania Trump with "Coronavirus." :

Wilson later claimed that he did not want the virus on Mrs. Trump, but mocked the "Be the Best" public awareness campaign for young Americans. Kegan's defense did little to diminish the path of contempt his way. "This is the most vicious and hateful rhetoric for anyone who exists in political banditry," wrote Mediaite's Jojo Concha in a tweet. "Delete this, Americans are dying," replied Paul Gossar (R-NA).

This is the villa for the first two months, which misses the fact that the villains have come out against Trump and his supporters. On January 25th appearance: On CNN, he called on Trump supporters to "display a faithful boom in the ruble", which he considers "mathematics and reading" a sign of smuggling elitists. CNN anchor Don Lemon broke with uncontrollable laughter when Wilson announced:

Politicizing death

Enn Enifer Ruby

Wilson's never-Trump supporter J Rubin, with his Coronavirus-inspired shots, has also appeared among presidential supporters. Appearing on MSNBC on March 15, the so-called "conservative" columnist stated that Trump supporters are more responsible for the outbreak of death because they are greater and more willing to blindly believe the president, who he estimates the crisis. "It is particularly cruel / ironic that it is their primary viewers, the larger number of Republicans who are most at risk," Rubin said, speaking on Fox News and other conservative media outlets. "So I hate to say it, but there will be fewer deaths than Democrats, because there will be fewer mass gatherings, people will have less opportunity to gather and share this terrible disease," he continued. Assuming that there were "mass casualties" in America, such as those in Italy, Rubin wondered whether Trump supporters would continue to unconsciously "reconcile and synchronize" any "new story" the department opened every passing day. "And I don't know if their brainwashing is strong enough to justify and justify Trump," Rubin said, citing that Trump's constituents pose a health threat to the nation.

There are many other examples of TDS in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis that can be found. Big-box media outlets continue to argue that Trump is an unacceptable racist because he called COVID-19 a "Chinese virus." Among the many celebrities on the T&T list who melted under Trump's presidency (think Rob Reiner, Debra Messing, or Alice Milanano), author of the 1980s flash-in-pan song Richard Markle is currently unpublished. for vitriol during the epidemic. On March 18, Marx tweeted about the Kung-Flu tempest, saying that "racist" Trump supporters are so stupid that they think the Chinese bombed Pearl Harbor.

Former jokes, political hacks, and the entertainment industry are just deeply angry individuals who can't stand even a president ignored for their health, even in times of emergency. The fact that they do not realize how incredibly small and intertwined their appearance is is the ultimate confirmation of the isolated world inhabited by these distorted elitists.


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