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Despite nothing compared to a live show, dedicated artists continue to gather on social media to present live broadcasts to their fans in the practice of social media.

Here's a look at this week's best of expectations and events.

Wednesday 25 March

Global citizen. Together at Home

With the most-anticipated live streams to date hosted, the Global Citizen "Together Home" series on Wednesday, March 25, hosts a large number of peer-to-peer shows.


6.00: Ann Marie via Instagram Live

7.00: Oj phone via Instagram Live

At 8:00. Enn Annifer Hudson via Instagram Live

9:00. H.E.R via Instagram Live

"Bright Minded" with Miley Cyrus

With a successful week of live streaming under his belt, Miley Cyrus returns to his daily live broadcast this week. Famous guests include Reese Witherspoon, Hillary Duff, Bebe Rexha and Dua Lipa.


6.30am GMT On Instagram

Billboard & # 39; Live at home & # 39; Series:

With every artist collecting funds for non-profit selection, Billboard & # 39; Live at Home & # 39; The series returns this week with guests on the show, Benny Benasi and Lauren aur Auergy.


17:00 GMT – Benny Benassi Facebook

At 9:00 GMT. Laurent aur Avrou: Facebook

Thursday March 26

Snow patrol

Join Barry Layton on his Instagram with a live concert of the Snow Patrol classics voted for by Snow Patrol fans. Leave a comment on his Instagram post saying what song you want to hear.


At 7:00 GMT On Instagram

Billboard & # 39; Live at home & # 39; Series:

Allie X and Richard Marx are joining Billboard & # 39; Live at home & # 39; – for live performances Billboard Facebook page.


17:00 GMT – Allie X:

At 7:00 GMT – Richard Marx

Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie)

Join the new Death Cab for Cutie leader Ben Gibbard as he hosts live shows at his home studio every day. Catch him doing classic tunes and fan requests on his Facebook and Youtube channels.


At 11:00 GMT daily Youtube: and: Facebook.

Ben Gibbard. Live From Home

Hello everyone,

I know you are all screaming right now. Me too. And while I'm proud that at this point we are all doing the right things to help smooth the curve, I know it has left us all incredibly isolated.

But since we all share this nightmare together, we are literally NOT ALL. Our lives and stories are all interconnected, perhaps more than they ever were.

Be it DCFC, Postal Service or solo, I have always been grateful for the honor you have given us by choosing to gather around our music. Some of you have traveled great distances and / or stolen large sums to see us play, and that has never been lost for me. So in this crazy and unprecedented period I would like to return the goodness to you.

For the next few weeks, I play songs from my home studio every day. We will be streaming daily on Facebook at 4pm PST. We are still detailing the details, but I hope I can make some demands, and maybe even a guest or two stops in digital. The first screening will be tomorrow. It will certainly be a little victorious and brilliant, but we will do our best.

See you tomorrow.



Posted by: Death House for Cutie Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Friday March 27th

Laugh on the day of the smell with a laugh

Because of its cancellation on the occasion of the annual Dafodil Day of the Irish Cancer Society, Laughter Hall airs live on the best available Irish comedians to raise much needed funds. Featured by comedians Enya Martin, Danny O'Brien and Gar Moore. The stream costs just 5 euros, the proceeds going directly to the Irish Cancer Society.


At 8.30 pm GMT Facebook and Youtube Live

Billboard & # 39; Live at home & # 39; series

American rock band All Time Low will air live on Billboard & # 39; Live at Home & # 39; part of the series. With a new album on the way this year, make sure you subscribe to some new releases of All Time Low and nostalgic tunes.


At 11:00 GMT Facebook

Islander presents "Live From Home"

& # 39; Island:There will be live broadcasts from the homes of talented Irish artists Maija Sofia, John Francis Flynn, Anna Mieke and Junior Brother. Showcasing some of our nation's top musicians has to offer from the comfort of your own home. Donations through GoFundMe are evenly distributed and go directly to the artists.


Through 8.00pm Facebook.

Google Art and Culture Collections

There was a cabin fire. Are you relaxed on vacation plans? Check out online exhibits from the world's most famous art galleries and museums with collections of Google Art and Cultures. There are over 2000 museums and archives to choose from from Anne Frank's House to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Where:: Google Arts and Culture – Collections

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