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“In addition to her enormous talent, Kenny was generous and generous
caring person, the wise educator of most of us. He loved his friends, his
The family, his fellow musicians and fans, and they loved him, that's right
Fifty years ago The Gambler made a bet for me and my first band
from small Texas, and his overwhelming support began for many
career, including mine. He also gave me the best career tips
ever succeeded. 'It would be better to be nice to the people you meet along the way,
because you are going to meet these same people on the way back. ”
Don Henley

“What career, talent, legacy? Now this
the world remains in great shade, the central stage where Kenny Rogers was standing.
No one can take his place. Now he has taken his place in that row
Heavenly Stars. It's a very sad day for us all. But God is smiling.
Relax easily my friend. —Tanya Tucker:

“No one has closed the gap between them
country and pop more often and better than K.R. He will miss, but
his music and diverse style of storytelling will last forever. ” –
Billy Ray Cyrus

"I loved Kenny wholeheartedly, and my heart was broken, and today a great deal is left with him." – Dolly Parton

The world has lost a great artist and song translator. I had the honor
to declare his choice of Earth Hall of Fame, and
I was shocked when I realized how much it meant to me. Even after all
other honors he had won, he was really excited about this one. To:
the achievements will live on forever. ” – Bill Anderson

“I'm very sad
see Kenny Rogers go. She did so much for me as a young songwriter and us
friends remained for more than 30 years. I'm really going to miss him. Let him rest
easy »: – Richard Marx.

“Going back to the late 70's and early 80's,
we played a lot of dating together. He was one of the first artists who
stage by stage, in the middle of the arena. He was there too
he did a photographer, and he shot some portraits of Howard and me.
We have really been acquainted with Kenny over the years and are grateful for that
memories. Love and prayers to his family. ” – David Bellamy, Bellamy

“Not only my hero, but my friend. Thank you
I guide my brother. The world has lost the greatest storyteller. ” –
Phil Vassar

“Hearing the wonderful sound of Kenny Rogers singing to me
the words, my music, "I miss you", it was definitely obvious.
When KR sang that song, he needed it. What a talent and how sweet!
man Kenny, you certainly have made this world a better place. Rest in peace
My friend. "- Steve Varys

“Kenny was one of those legends
smoked tenors. I was lucky enough to become an American educator
Idol. ” He had such wise words for another striking whiskey tenor. Thank you
Kenny "To Believe in Me". My condolences to his family, Ken Younger and
and Butler for helping him create such great music. " – Taylor

“The music of the world and the country has just lost its true treasure.
Although I had never met Kenny Rogers, I was a big fan and one of my favorites
His last songs were "You Can't Make Old Friends", another classic
a duet he made with Dolly. I think that's what we all feel in that region
country music community … like we all lost an old friend. " – they were

“An image that will miss many. He was
Inspired by me, I loved the song he sang and passed
so many genres. "The Gambler" was my favorite song and I was blessed with it
they whitewashed him into the Music Hall of Fame of the Earth.
He will live in our hearts and with his music. ” – Lucas Hogan

one of the first artists to successfully master the country / pop
As Crossover crossed, Rogers touched and guided the lives of millions
the road was very remarkable for the artists who followed. This is a big loss for it
music industry, but its influence and legacy will continue. " – Harvey
Mason Jr., President of the Academy of Records and Interim President / CEO.

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