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Thomas Rett and: Jon on Pardin Head out to Key West for their new "Beer Can't Fix" music video. The featured song features an equally seductive music video that finds the couple fishing, roaring and toasting.

Director Shawn Silva was responsible for the music video shot in Key West earlier this year. The pair scoots off the street and even rolls into the sand before Pardi's scooter finds a rough patch and pulls him out. It looks like he's fine.

The couple brings their guitars to the beach and sits on a fishing boat as the beautiful beaches of the islands unite during this dreamy music video. The sunshine and warm weather are the recipe for gray skies and isolation that comes with late winter, especially in this shelter and quarantine. As the two hitmakers share a few laughs, you may end up on a three-and-a-half-minute psychic vacation.

"Beer Can't Fix" is Retty's new single Downtown point road The album is one of three collaborations Pardin has joined the album Small big city and: Kelsey Ballerin respectively on the track "Don't Fear Me in Good Time" and the title track. The song is her third radio single from the album.

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