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Sun 15-Mar-20 00:12:16:

Inspired by another theme of music videos.
Richard Marx's "Hazard" song and music video. After many years of looking at it again, I thought it was just a friend who killed Mary, but now I think it could be Richard Marx's image


Sun 15-Mar-20 00:16:12:

I always thought it was the sheriff


Sun 15-Mar-20 00:16:43:

Completely! He was a little too serious about his denial IMHO.

Pervasive Pix has also written a multi-million dollar song about it.

Poor Mary.

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Sun 15-Mar-20 00:18:12:

Pervasive Pix has also written a multi-million dollar song about it
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Sun 15-Mar-20 00:20:02:

Is there really also three videos that all show different scenes in different ways?
I've ever been able to find 2
Apparently, on the 3rd, Mary was smiling and glaring at the sheriff for the first time.


Sun 15-Mar-20 00:21:46:

This is the most wonderful casual thread, and I love it.

I do not know who the killer was, but I vote for Marx only on the strength of his fur.
Maybe Mary laughed at her stupid hair, and she grumbled.

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Sun 15-Mar-20 00:48:43:

Who are you trying to convince Richard? Us

… or yourself ?!


Sun 15-Mar-20 00:52:04:

It was the police. Richard was a weirdo who was framed.


Sun 15-Mar-20 00:55:56:

Yeah, I heard this song about 15 minutes ago


Sun 15-Mar-20 01:00:20:

I mean come …


Sun 15-Mar-20 01:17:00:

This week is my favorite thread

Ente ente:

Sun 15-Mar-20 01:18:04:

Mary the mullet fiend ran and went out with Billy Ray Sairus.


Sun 15-Mar-20 01:19:14:

I'm looking at it now to form my point of view. I was thinking about Richard myself


Sun 15-Mar-20 01:24:10:

Lambrini Socialist:

Sun 15-Mar-20 01:26:49:

Definitely, the best topic here for some time.


Sun 15-Mar-20 01:34:29:

It can't be I saw RM live in the 80's. He was about 3 meters high and couldn't seem to get the skin out of the rice pudding. Mary would sit on it and smooth it. My money was on my mother. Why did he come to Hazard when he was only seven? Did he run away from the police ????


Sun 15-Mar-20 01:42:10:

That was the sheriff. Marx himself said so. Surprisingly powerful and emotional song


Sun 15-Mar-20 01:45:01:

I have nothing to do with this topic, but I once had a roommate who was a pen writer. I didn't believe him until he sent his tickets to the show, and he came back with their pictures. She was a beautifully beautiful block.


Sun 15-Mar-20 01:48:34:

Did Richard also die for his mother and his boyfriend?

I'm confusing the video.



Sun 15-Mar-20 01:50:16:

Ah, that old "I left her safe and sound" line wink "data-emoticon =" wink "data-pagespeed-url-hash =" 2466601935 "onload =" pagespeed.CriticalImages.checkImageForCriticality (this); "/>:<br />SODDI protection, we both see you <gavel><br />* some other girlfriend did it…</p>
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Sun 15-Mar-20 01:51:30:

Lyudves it is completely related to this topic.

Has your roommate ever happened to Mariam?


Sun 15-Mar-20 01:54:42:

That was the sheriff.

I can't say how many times I watched this video in the 90's as a student in a house where the only channel was MTV. grin "data-emoticon =" grin "data-pagespeed-url-hash =" 1877602093 "onload =" pagespeed.CriticalImages.checkImageForCriticality (this); "/> I think there could be a million.</p>
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Sun 15-Mar-20 01:56:55:

Blast from the past. I think that what the sower did is that he had to go. Marx was found guilty of his haircut.


Sun 15-Mar-20 02:01:09:

* Is it true that there are also three videos that all show different scenes in different ways?
I've only ever been able to find 2 *
I read that there were only two people, the third was the joint effort of the first couple fans.

The actor who played the sheriff died last month.


Sun 15-Mar-20 02:17:31:

Look, he swore he left her by the river, and that's good enough for me.

Brandon Flowers, oh oh, you're not cheating anyone. They were poor, clashing with the psychic killer flowers and believing he was his friend.

As we speak about it, I fully believe that Bob Marley left the MP alone.

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