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Christmas song

"A Christmas Carol" is playing at the Inc Inc, play at the Park Marx Theater, November 27-29.

Stay warm and comfortable while engaging in this holiday season. Everywhere you turn, you will find a show to bring you spirit.

Check which ones should be placed on your calendar.

Inc Incorporated Casino in the Park

"2 piano in 4 hands"

Until January 5, 2020

Rosenthal Shelter House Theater:

The piano witch and laughing aloud comedy gather to tell about the persistent pursuit of Richard and Ted's life, becoming concert pianist superstars. They work tirelessly to master the legendary music, from Beethoven and Bach to Billy El, in endless practice, on stage fears, and on the alert competition. Two performers shake the elephants (and your ridiculous bone) as they imagine dozens of characters like their naive childhood, eccentric piano teachers who guide them and their demanding parents. There is a lot of laughter and music in this rebellious show about humbly searching for Richard and Ted's musical greatness.

"Christmas stone"

November 27-29

Marx Theater

Ebenezer Scrogo has undergone a wonderful Christmas transformation as he looks at his past, present and future. As he witnesses all those who have improved his life – his first love for Belle, his hearty employer Physzivig, his nephew Fred, and his abusive servant Bob Crutchite, he realizes that it's never too late to change his wrong ways.

Ensemble Theater Inc Inc

"Princess of Frog"

December 4-January. 4:

Prince Ivan is about to get married, but when he discovers that his bride is actually a frog, he is frustrated toad ally. Vasilisa is more than your typical hobby-successful frog, though … she's a good-natured princess in the curse. As the evil Old Bones take Vasilisa to a faraway land, Ivan prepares to find him on his journey, discovering that love sees beyond manifestation. With a revived script and rating, this modern, musical twist on the classic beloved Russian fairy tale celebrates the beauty of each of us.

College Inc Music College Conservatory of Music

Art Movement

December 5-8

Patricia Corbett Theater

This dance is available to all dance fans. Watch CCM dancers perform both classical and contemporary work, restored and practiced by CCM lecturers at Patricia Corbett Theater.

Aronoff Center

Hello, Dolly.

December 3-15

Put on your Sunday clothes and head to Aronoff for this old classic new production. Follow player Dolly Gallagher Levy as she tries to balance her love life with her clients. The Tony Award-winning scandalous comedy comedy broke box records on the road during his run, so make sure you don't miss it when it comes to inc.


December 20-23

Born in a completely new way to the Christmas miracle! "Rest" is a Christmas story told on stage by over 80 performers. Featuring original choreography and music, along with favorite holiday classics, this family-friendly production reminds you of why Christmas is the final season of hope.

Music Hall

»Features of Megan Hilti»

December 13-15

The music room is becoming a land of winter wonderland as you share memories of life with friends and family. This year's concert features vocalist Megan Hilt, star of "Smash" TV and Broadway's "Evil."

The Nut

December 19-29

Celebrate the holiday season with Clara and her furry prince as they travel to the country of sweets. Join us for the inc incinate favorite family tradition: "Mushroom Food". Let your imagination take you to the land of dancing snowflakes and childhood dreams. Artistic director Victoria Morgan's whimsical choreography accompanies Tchaikovsky's timeless assessment performed by the Inc Inc symphony orchestra. Share the charm of the season with Mushroom Mushroom lovers.

Inc. Shakespeare Inc.

Happy Windsor Women

Through December 7th

Faithful, bomber and chronically cash-strapped Sir Falcon Falstaff raises hell to the quiet city of Windsor. When his mass label exceeds his minimum he must collect some cash and quickly. She plans to seduce two of Windsor's richest married women, but as they cling to her poor schemes, they turn their tables rather mildly, joining forces to teach her a lesson she won't soon forget.

"Every Christmas Story Ever Told (And Some Then!)"

December 13-29

What begins as another annual production of Christmas College is soon turning into one of our all-time favorite "Favorite Holiday Classics", including "It's a Great Life," "Frosty, Rudolph," " Charlie Brown »and more. ! Three actors (with the help of Santa Claus) from Dickens to Dr. Sue raise everything in the 90-minute high-octane craze and annoyance.

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