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Singer Richard Marx referred to the story of left-centered failure that President Trump initially called the Chinese coronavirus a hoax, saying the lawsuit was "grossly false".

The: Right here waiting for you The singer, who is far from a fan of the president, said Friday that the Democratic-led story that Trump described the virus as "spoiling" was "very wrong."

"No one is ousted by Trump any more than I (with the exception of those who see him naked), but the story that he called the real virus a fraud is probably false," he explained. "He said Dems insisted he was not responding to it, it was nonsense. It turns out they were still right. ”

Earlier this month Breitbart News Catalyzed: at least 15 Hollywood celebrities who tell fake news and drive a fake "rogue" story about President Trump's response to the deadly global outbreak.

The fake story came as a result of a Trump rally in Charleston, South Carolina. He told those gathered that the Democrats were "politicizing the coronavirus" and suggested that the desire to accuse him was "a new lie."

“One of my men came up to me and said, President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia. It also didn't work out well. They couldn't do it. They tried impeachment fraud. It was a perfect conversation. They tried something. They tried it again and again. They do this after you've logged in. Everything is turning. They lost, everything is turning around. Think about it, and this is their new spoilage, ”said Trump.

Tramp confirmed that he did not regard the virus as spoilage, though host famous people claiming such

"No, it's a fraud that refers to the actions they take to try and point it out to someone," Tramp explained. "This is just a continuation of deception, be it impeachment rubbish or Russian, Russian, Russian fabrication. Here's what I'm talking about. "

On Friday, Trump announced a national emergency.

"Our primary goal is to stop the spread of the virus," said Trump in the Rose Garden. "This will pass … and we will be stronger for it."

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