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The: Frozen 2 The soundtrack went down last week, and fans are already melting into the melodies of the next one.

And 46 new songs on the soundtrack, including seven original songs each character In a movie, it's hard not to repeat the songs and sing together.

Now creators for the first time forever Frozen 2 "Enter the unknown" and give a rare glimpse of what led to the sequel to A a new six-part podcast The movie is called "Frozen 2 Inside" before it hits theaters on November 22.

The podcasts hosted by ABC News chief meteorologist inger Angie Chi will reflect on all the creators, songwriters, animators and composers who brought the film.

First episode Kristen and Bobby LopezSix years ago, the Oscar-winning choir duo behind the catchy "Frozen" songs shared their creative process and the evolution of the much-awaited movie sequel.

With the success of the first film, the husband-and-wife duo knew that they had to dig deep into each song to capture the story of each character, about Elsa's mysterious powers.

PHOTO: Frozen 2 Award-winning songwriters Kristen and Bobby Lopez talk about their songwriting process to continue.ABC News:
Frozen 2's award-winning songwriters Kristen and Bobby Lopez continue to talk about their songwriting process for continuation.

And while the process may seem simple, they noted that it took them about two years to tell the story with the other filmmakers before they could even work on songwriting.

While they faced their own challenges in the songwriting process, Kristen and Bobby also talked about the magical experience they worked on in the film's sequel.

"The interesting thing is that Disney Animation has added so much beauty to it that we never imagined it," Bobby said. "The form of the shots, the way of shooting, it's just gorgeous."

Here's Christine and Bobby Lopez's backstage secrets they shared in Episode 1 of "Inside Frozen 2":

1. "Frozen 2" creates a story

PHOTO: At Walt Disney Animation Studios Frozen 2, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven travel across the Arendel gates to find answers.Disney:
Walt Disney Animation Studios' Frozen 2: Elsa, Anna, Christoff, Olaf and Sven travel across the Arendel gates to search for answers.

Some of Disney's favorite classic films have gone on in the past, but this is the first time Disney's animation division has returned with a musical sequel. When Lopez returned for Frozen 2, the pressure began. "We don't know many musical sequences as a culture," said Bobby, who saw it as a big challenge at the beginning of their songwriting process.

2. & # 39; Music from the 80s inspired Christopher's love ballad

PHOTO: At Walt Disney Animation Studios Frozen 2, Kristoff and Sven are among the herd of firs.Disney:
In the movie Frozen 2 by Walt Disney Animation Studios, Christopher and Sven appear in a reindeer herd.

In the first film, Christophe, the icy crop accompanying Anna on her first sister Elsa's journey in finding the first film, had only one melody. Now voiced by actor Jonathan Jonathan Groff in the second film, Christoff returns with his own ballad called "Lost in the Woods" to express his feelings for Anna.

“He has to find his inner romance and be able to express it to himself. And it's not easy, "said Bobby, who noted that it is not easy for men to express love in this way.

Inspired by Christopher Ballad. Kristen and Bobby love the music of the 80's.

"There was a time when you could have huge emotions as a man and really sing about them," Kristen said. "If you think of all the ballads that sang Bon Bon and Chicago and Richard Mark, all those people were allowed to sing them."

3. The glacial tour led to Olaf's musical moment

PHOTO: Trusted Deer Swan and curious snowman Olaf (voice osh oh Gad) are ready for Frozen 2nd adventure. They join Christopher, Anna, and Elsa, traveling to the unknown, searching for answers about the past.Disney:
Reliable Deer Swan and Fascinating Snowman Olaf (voice of caddy Gad) are ready for adventure in Frozen 2. They join Christopher, Anna, and Elsa in search of answers to the past to the unknown.

Fans fell in love with Olaf, the funny snowman played by osh Nash Gad, who sang about summer in the first film. His song was a major hit, but it was a challenge for Kristen and Bobby for the next song in the series. Until Kristen made a trip to New York's Prospect Park ice skating rink, the words began to come to the composer.

"I was glancing around and thinking, 'Hey, my, my, no, no one's making sense right now. Everything is so terrible, ”Kristen recalled. “But I have to trust the process. I know that in three months or five months or nine months this will be all right. It all makes sense. ”

That's when she realized she had her own words and ran to the guy who was renting the skating rinks to take paper and pen.

"I would like to slide a little bit and then I would like to go over to the sidewalk and start writing and writing a poem, and I'll play a little more," he said. When she arrived home that day, her husband grabbed the piano, put it on a sleigh, and immediately put the words to music.

PHOTO: Inside Frozen IIABC News:
Inside the Frozen II

Frozen Harmony Podcast has a rare background on Frozen 2. Walt Disney's first ever Oscar-winning animation studios directors retrieve the curtain, revealing the creative process that has brought the next chapter of the Frozen saga to life. Listen for free at:

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PHOTO: "Frozen 2" is out in theaters on Friday, November 22.Disney:
"Frozen 2" is in theaters on Friday, November 22.

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