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Phantom Thread:

Paul Thomas Anderson tells the story of the relationship between controller-leak and self-contained designers (played by Daniel Day-Lewis) and his muse. To prepare for his role, the Englishman learned to draw sketches, cut fabric, sew and send duplicates, such as, "Have you been sent to ruin my evening, and probably my whole life?" A truly great movie with unique beauty.

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Satan is wearing Prada

It may be obvious, but if you don't know, Satan is wearing Prada is one of the best fashion films ever made. There is a scene for everything. A provincial who arrives in the city, a learned and fragile monologue, a change of appearance, an awareness of his own shortcomings in costume … A memory of a whole lot of hard copy without forgetting what the hierarchy is. How can we hate this movie? We don't know.

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Ready to wear >>: Ready to wear

This satire on the fashion world signed by Robert Altman is going to be a little too fun for a mental partner Satan is wearing Prada. Imagine, at once, a cartoon polar thriller that comes with fashion week. And besides, we invite you to read the reviews at the time, where all the New York glamans who were slightly offended were offended by seeing their surroundings so poorly described.

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Neon Demon:

Nicolas Winding Refn has made Elle Fanning the living anthem of this satirical young beauty and innocence of the luxury ready-made clothing industry in Los Angeles. Saturated colors, beaded cheeks, endless legs and arms, Saint Laurent's bare back and G-shaped dresses. There is something to impress. We need to add to the mix a sense of vulnerable terror, a superficial obsession, a heavy climate of jealousy that is largely maintained by veteran models (generally interpreted as top real models) and by hip-shadow motel managers, played by Keanu Reeves. The result is a wild story that ends with a bloody turn. We just warn you that while you were watching Pepito, you would be ashamed to eat everything on your sofa.

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Personal purchases

It's not really a movie on fashion, but that starts from fashion to the branch to something else. We follow Kristen Stewart as a personal buyer / seller of a popular supermodel. His twin brother recently died, and he receives strange anonymous text messages. One day his boss is found murdered. A cocktail of fashion and Stewart's, therefore, with a great deal of ghosts, blood and shopping.

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Crazy rich Asians

Crazy rich Asians the story is as hot as it is cleverly put together. But if we talk about it here, it is first and foremost an exclusive level of her dress. It is one of the few "normal" films to achieve the status of Fashion Cinema. Gemma Chan amazes us with every outfit, and Constant Wu actually performs the famous makeover scene of a forced figure change. And that's without forgetting Awkwafina wig.

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Armani diptych. My best friend's wedding 0 0My best friend's wedding & American Gigolo

There are some fluctuations in Armani's hygiene. In Cinema American Gigolo is certainly one of the greatest moments. The Italian couture dresses are almost a trio with Richard Gary and Lauren Hutton. It should be remembered that the brand was not as popular as it was today, and there is always something fresh and very new to see Gary wearing these fabrics. But Armani fans tend to forget about another movie. My best friend's wedding, in which ian Ulyan Roberts plays a woman with a near-mad jealousy when she sees that her best friend is engaged to the much-loved Cameron Diaz. It is very clear that Julia Ulla only wears Milan's men's costumes. If you have never understood what "shattered" means, hurry up.

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Recognition of patterns/Identification of regularities By William Gibson

Literary cyberpunk pioneer William Gibson signs up for romance caseworker Casey Pollard, who is tasked with finding out a series of fascinating online videos. But it's also about the clothes of the novel, as Pollard's world coincides with Japan's extreme brands, and his dreams are pursued with foil and nylon images. Allergic to the logo itself, the taste of his clothes is so special that he can hardly wear anything other than his black Buzz Rickson MA-1 jacket. Because we know that Gibson is very good at clothing. He's even completely cunning with the Acronym brand. There is something fascinating about reading this bestseller before knowing its heart. The book was released in 2003, when it was not too surprising to discuss the first collections of Yohji with him. bro. Especially as a good SF vision, Gibson more or less announces the emergence of the Hypebeast culture.

D.V.By Diana Vreeland

There are some good books (as well as documentaries) about high fashion priest Diana Vereland, but these are probably her first memories to read. The story begins with childhood memory. The legendary editor-in-chief of Vogue allegedly attended the Mona Lisa Flight in Louvre – to put an end to long thoughts on how to walk. A cute and crazy book that spans almost a century of folk culture, from Buffalo Bill to Mik Agger.

Amethora. How does aponia save American style?By W. David Marx

Everyone who has visited Tokyo knows how much Japan's aponia has adopted and refined American fashion. In this book, aesthetics and scholar V. David Marx explains with fascinating precision this strange assimilation process over the past 150 years. And how, by the way, he changed the way Americans dress.

Supreme:By David Shapiro

More or less the autobiographical novel, whose main character, David, tries to find out who he is by visiting every supermarket in the world while swallowing the repositories and clinging to them. The style is simple and the heroes refuse, but Shapiro manages to accurately analyze the magic of the Supreme, which makes the brand so cool and why such dedication inspires it.


Dior and I

2011 Raf Simmons plunging into the Dior workshop. The atmosphere is electric as the designer has begun his contract, finding that he has to create the entire collection within eight weeks. Therefore, the film follows very closely one of the most beloved figures in the fashion industry, at the core of its creative process, the downfall of time.

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Freshly dressed

With the help of Kanye, Farrell and Daddy, Freshly dressed follows the profound and profound influence of hip-hop culture on the fashion world. Director Sacha en Aync follows a range of styles from the Bronze to the current icons like the A $ AP Rocky.

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If you think you are not catching fashion, this doctor may force you to change your mind. He returns to the frame of Alexander McQueen and his work, both Gothic and extractive. It shows how much McQueen is a dead couture, nature designer, sketch master, wizard of materials, and a boy whose heart was shaking with constant love for his art.

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The only person

A deep portrait of one of the most important figures in the sport of sneakers. Sonny Vacarro is one of the reasons that institutions like Jordan Brand exist because he helped sign basketball player Nike in the 80s. He is also there for many to sign "sneakers", a practice now common around the world.

Very Ralph

When everything seems to be collapsing around you, there is something comforting about thinking or wearing a tailored suit. Some of us even spent time around the house surrounded just for our videoconferencing meetings. But we can gladly watch this documentary on Ralph Lauren directed by Susan Lacey to understand the calming potential of strips, buttons, tin pants and blouses.

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Applications and series

Project runway

Fashion lovers have long known the show Project runway, which is its eighteenth season this year. The team has changed two years. Heidi Klum has been replaced by Carly Claus, and host Tim Gunn has replaced Christian Siriano. You will not believe that the program is so old when you look at this new formula that shines as time goes on. This past season's episodes are in the best of the best. We especially liked the sponsored "Cats" theme. The level of candidates is impressive. One in particular is thinking of this 64-year-old woman, Nancy Volpe-Beringer, whose latest profession as a seamstress is turning into luxurious works of art.

How to make it in America?

The world was simpler. And men's fashion too. Before we spent our days thinking about which coat to wear with tie and loafers, many male lovers of clothing left the same place – raw jeans. And here's this HBO series called How to make it in America? While it was wonderful and funny, it told the story of two friends who tried their luck in the world of high-end jeans. At that time we were talkingSurroundings: street clothing option. Today we'd rather see a friends APC version.

Authors: Nikki Ogunnaike, Codie Steensma, Rachel Tashjian, Cam Wolf, Samuel Hine

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