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Australians have been horrified to respond to Tom Hanks' latest update on social media sites.

The Hollywood superstar and his wife, Rita Wilson, are now in isolation at the Gold Coast University Hospital after testing for coronavirus.

They've kept fans up to date on their condition through social media, but Hanks' latest post has raised more concerns than convenience.

The actor shared two pieces of toast photos with an absurd amount of Vegemite.

The photo was greeted with shock and disgust by Hanks' Aussie fans who had to educate the actor on the correct Vegemite toast ratio.

"Gee, it's very Vegemite," the tweet wrote ABC News Breakfast host Michael Rowland in response.

Some of Hanks's other responses included:

• "Oh, Mr. Hanks, not even the bravest Aussie would put so much veggie on a piece of toast."

• "Vegemite is not nutella. You want to spread it thinly and mix it with melted butter until it looks like a poorly maintained public toilet. That's the sweet spot."

• “Life is like a Vegemite tube. Don't try at once. ”

• "Corona will not kill you, but that amount of Vegemite can."

• "Maybe corona is affecting your taste, which is much more a vegetarian friend."

• "That amount of Vegemite will make anyone in the hospital. I caused a yeast infection by looking at this picture. (Also to quickly recover my best wishes)."

Aussie actor Daniel McPherson was firmly in the corner of Hanks, tweeting his support for the legendary star: "Slower spread – less time in bed."

Hanks' Vegemite update comes after the actor and his wife on Friday they announced that they were making a Spotify playlist "People to self-license" and asked for song suggestions and title for the mix.

Hours later, Wilson shared the final product.

Each song on the List List ironically treats their current situation and includes the likes of Richard Marx Waiting right here, Lonely people From America by Eric Carmen Everything by myself and Queen's I want to get rid of it.

The post comes after Hanks gave fans a soothing update the day after he and his wife, Rita Wilson, announced they had both diagnosed Coronavirus.

The A-list couple, who are currently staying in Australia as Hanks shoots Elvis Presley's biologist on the Gold Coast, say they "get one at a time."

"Rita Wilson and I want to thank everyone here below for showing such a good attitude to us," Hanks wrote in a post along with her Twitter and Instagram accounts in good spirits to the couple's selfie.

"We have COVID-19 and are in isolation, so we do not distribute it to anyone. There are people for whom this can lead to a very serious illness. We accept it every now and then.

"There are things we can all do to make this happen by following the advice of experts and taking care of us and each other, not."

Hanks finished, paraphrasing one of his most famous screenshots since the 1992 hit League of Law"Remember, despite all the current events, there is no crying in baseball."

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