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It is rare. Selena Gomez

Release Date: On January 10

He spent Christmas 2019 signing 4,000 copies of his forthcoming album for some successful fans, but will it change enough at the start? The 27-year-old kid says the album will include "the most sincere music I've ever done," and on the ad he sings: Feels like you don't think / Why don't you admit that I'm so rare? We will soon know if he will respond to his words.

Miss Anthropocene. Grimm:

Release Date: On February 21

The Canadian musician is expected to deliver a cyber-synth synthesizer. "There is a strange philosophical justification for all pain, and there is anthropogenesis of all kinds of pain. In our current society, we don't even know how to talk about things, ”she said in a recent interview with Lana Del Rey. Interview magazine.

Future nostalgia. Dua Lipa:

Release Date: TBA:

To tell the world about his album, he posted a caption image that was painted on his skin, inside his arm, above his elbow. On his second LP, he wants to get out of his comfort zone. "I was inspired by a lot of new record-breaking writers from Gwen Stefani to Madonna to Moloko to Blondie and Arkast," she says in a statement.

Justin Asper Bieber (TBA)

Release Date: TBA:

He released his first solo concert in four years, starting a career return that will see him release a new album. New single – Delicious – It looks like a tribute to his model wife, Haley Baldwin. He sings. I wish you were my lady … You got that villain.

On YouTube, where he found his youth, he said a 10-part documentary series, B Asty Bieber. Seasons:, will launch on the video platform on January 27.

InfiniteRichard Mark

Release Date: On February 7

After many years of returning to new music, Richard Mark will walk a fine line between familiar and fresh sounds. "I listen to the radio and I think it's really important to let current and new music influence you, but I also think that at this stage of my career and any career that lasts if you don't really accept others, : people's talent and see how you can be creative, then you've got your head in the sand, ”he said. Billboard. I hope the album will sound like a hit Right here waiting.

Manicure Halsey

Release Date: On January 17th

We've heard little in the way of singles, but want to see how it all comes together, ending with Alanis Morissette and BTS's Suga. "The reason for this album is what is a very, very personal conversation," the singer said.

High Road: Kesha:

Release Date: On January 31st

His last two albums – Warrior and: Rainbow – have been against all the contradictions of the heart and the victory. Now is the time for Kesha to return to "humiliating joy." Although the album will feature a reflective single titled Rage and inspired by the gospel Hell rise, we are expecting a light fare from Kesha.

Blasting MirageKillers

Release Date: TBA:

The Las Vegas band worked on the album in Utah. "Here's where I first fell in love with music, so it's interesting to be there again and listen to some of that music with its sensationally relevant geography. Some of these materials have begun to re-emerge, and many have been associated with synthesizer music. It's always part of our DNA, but it definitely crawls, "said band member Brandon Flores NME:. We hope the group will add Free country (which is a response to Donald Trump's border wall, racism, and America's failure to control weapons) for the album's final list.

Walls: Louis Tomlinson

Release Date: On January 31st

Sure, he's got a member of One Direction to release his debut album, but he is going alongside the singles released so far, Walls: promises to be an intimate affair. It's hard to find an identity after being part of a sensational group, but that's what Tomlinson did. “I feel like I'm a little more mature in my songwriting and I feel as time goes on, the more I write songs, I feel that I understand the words more and more. I'm just being honest, "he said.

Everything went wrongBombay Bicycle Club:

Release Date: On January 17th

I think I have found my peace again, and yes, I have found my second wind – Bombay Bicycle Club frontman Jack Stodman sings on the title track. The song about finding comfort and home in the dark shows the content of the forthcoming album of the English indie-rock band.

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