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As lovers prepare for Valentine's Day, the Angelic Diamonds team has gathered Ultimate Love Playlist: – Round 100 of the most popular love songs.

More than 3,000 Spotify playlists and 125,000 tracks were discussed.

Analysts looked at the Spotify playlist, which included words related to love and collected the songs that were most often seen.

From Donna Lewis and Richard Marx's Beginning, Disney's 1997 Animation Anastasia, was shown in 496 playlists and came in the first issue.

Place All Legend's "All of Me" ranked second with 257 love themed playlists.

Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" failed to reduce, despite spending 16 weeks on charts in the UK in 1998.

Ed Sheeran's romantic nature shines through as he is featured in no less than seven tracks in the top 100 playlists.

The third and fourth paragraphs of the Third Quartet include "Thinking Loud" and "Perfect," Houston's "I Want to Dance With Someone," which consists of six verses.

The best-known "I'll Always Love You," a 1992 romantic thriller tune Bodyguard , only in the 37th place on the Ultimate Love Playlist.

Emotional rating using Coldplay's Fix You is on the sad song list.

Elton John On was the happiest track, as "Your Song" scored 99 points, 100 – the highest possible score.

Angelic Diamonds has recorded the word "Love", which was described as a song with Kygo and Whitney Houston, who led the song "Higher Love" in 2019 80 times in four minutes.

Selena Gomez has managed 48 "love" references for 2020's "Love You to Love Me" and Donna Lewis, in the beginning, only made reference to "Love" twice.

You can hear a few tracks Angelic Diamonds playlist

1: In the beginning
2 I totally
3: Speaker thinking
4: Perfect
5: Tell me you won't leave
6: I want to dance with someone (who loves me)
7: Someone you love
8: Happy
9: A thousand years
10 I'm Yours
11: Photo:
12 Marry You
13: Jealous
14: When I was your friend
15th Crazy In Love:
16: I hate you, I love you
17: Love above
18: Love on the brain
19th Jocelyn Flores:
20 Can't fall in love
21: Girl with brown eyes
22: You are the reason
23: I'm falling
24th Everything
25: changes
26: Africa
27: You are fulfilling my dreams
28: Be good
29: I love you
30 Marry me
31: As you say
32: Correct you
33: It looks like I'm losing you
34: No scrubs
35: lovely
36: Bruises
37 I will always love you
38: If I didn't reach you
39: Make you feel my love
40 Waiting right here
41: Scientist:
42: Get yourself the moon
43: you were good to me
44: My own dance
45: Wannabe
46: Shape to you
47: July
48 Lost to love me
49: bad boy
50 I don't want to miss a thing
51: broken heart medicine (why i am so in love)
52: F ** k Love
53 Yes!
54: all that I wanted
55: Honey
56: Supermarket Flowers
57: Stand by me
58: Say something
59: Good luck
60 Wait
61: 10,000 hours
62: Don't start now!
63: Stop and dance
64: Closer (feat. Halsey)
65: One like you
66: If the world were to end
67: Can I be Him?
68: Die happy man
69: Better together
70 How to save a life?
71: Everyone dies in their nightmares
72: Memories:
74: Do not stop Beliyev
75: Take it on me
76: You know little
77: Eventually
78: Higher love
79: A perfect duo
80: Seorita
81: Horses
82: We are a family
83: Chased by cars
84: Out of bounds of love
85: Minor things
86 We walk in the sun
87: Stay with me
88: Love of glory
89: I can't fight this feeling
90 Falling
91: 24K magic
92 Love Shack:
93: Without me
94: It is clear
95: September
96th Can't fall in love
97: Your body is a land of miracles
98th Jupiter drops
99 Your song
100 Don't Stop Me Now – 2011 Mix:

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