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Katie Griffin has been working with her new husband for over a decade.

The 59-year-old comedian, married to longtime friend Randy Beek, described the video on Twitter on Wednesday as a ceremony "lasting only 14 minutes." fun) to serve.

"What was supposed to be superficial, conceal it and restrain it" one night stop grew and blossomed into something far more meaningful, "says Grace and Frankie star, 80 years old, when he started the ceremony. “They stayed together. Then they wouldn't be able to stay away from each other. "

Greenfin outfitted Diane John Fursenberg's earrings in pearly white, short-sleeved earrings by Erika Courtney, and she wore a bouquet of red flowers for her memorable night.

He described the scenes of their ceremony, “LOVE IT. We promised you fruitless. We are in love and cannot stop laughing. Thank you #HappyNewYear. "

In a separate tweet, she wrote that her wedding gown was actually a sweet response to her first date with Bick in 2011. She wore that same outfit, and on Wednesday for their ceremony: “She picked up this dress and showed me this photo. . Romance is hot again, ”he wrote in a tweet.

Griffin tells PEOPLE: “Renee and I are making a ritual toy because neither of us like to wear rings. So we will never wear rings. Deal with it. "

Their surprise "I dos" came hours after Griffin announced his engagement to Bick, in a sweet video he shared on Twitter on New Year's Eve.

"Happy New Year! And surprise! We're getting married! Tonight! After midnight."

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He added Bick. "He said yes."

The: My life on the D-list The star pointed out that her wedding was going to be "very atypical" and "very fun" and she was excited that her fans would be particularly excited by the officer who turned out to be Tomlin.

Griffin and Bick began dating in 2011 after meeting at the Food and Wine Festival.

"Well, you know, I didn't think it would last (because) she's 18 years younger than I am." – he joked about PEOPLE in 2016. "Because I thought he was just a prostitute, if you will."

From left: Randy Bick and Katie Greenfin

Barry King / Ground

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The star soon learned that she was wrong, explaining that Bick was "too sweet and too meek."

"He's an ordinary guy, you know he's a real guy," he told PEOPLE earlier. "He's not like a Hollywood guy."

The pair briefly went their separate ways in November 2018, and Griffin wrote on Twitter when it was not a bitter split.

"God help me, but I have to be one of those people who announces a split. After 7 years Randy and I decided to part ways. It is not funny, and I will always worship him, ”he wrote.

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They had been together for several months as Griffin shared a sweet photo of the couple, where they were smiling as they posted with Richard Marx and Daisy Fuentes.

"We paused for a while and came back," he said Fun evening March: "We have just come to the decision that we have made so much together. We have been together for eight years. We've both turned to each other and realized that both are long-lasting relationships for us, you know? We have to fight for it and work. ”

Both added even a couple of pets to the family on Saturday, as Griffin shared on Twitter that he and Bake had adopted two rescue dogs, Mary and Maggie. "Rennie and I just couldn't resist adding two more rescue apples to our family," he wrote.

For Griffin, this is his second marriage, which ended in 2005 after four years of marriage with software entrepreneur Matthew Molin.

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