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The Red Bank will host local music geniuses

Almost 10 years ago, AQ:Own von Pfeiffer gave an interview to the Sh Shrine State Network, which has recently returned and is better than ever. Kinderhook is a country rock band that has been gently touring this area since the nineties and seventies. (When I was referring to the main network, I meant mainstay). While they had a Rollercoaster career, playing in front of 25,000 people in Central Park for a year and almost disappearing from thin air the next day, the band continues to preserve who they are. are at the core. A group of floodwaters penetrated the East Coast. Kinderhook boys are eager to re-live in their homeland and are happy for fans new and old to be welcomed with open arms. (Between an eclectic collection of decades-old bands, and Lisa Bushel, being their truly super star-studded talent, it will be really difficult for people not to enjoy every single second of the show.

Rockers, Clear your October 21st schedule

Headlining the very-good-good-game-of-the-road-house show on this road is Vegas's own Adelitas Way. This heavy rock band has been at the scene for over 10 years and has been able to play with some of their idols and influences; Guns' N & # 39; Roses, Three Days Grace and Halestorm to name a few. High energy, memorable electric guitar shredding and impressive melodies make up this quartet, which is preceded by Chile's own rock band King, Rick Deesus. Supporting them on their Stanhope House tours are Black Moods (brainwashing, authentic alternative rock outside of Texas) and Blacklite District (South Dakota's premier alt-rock duo of hip-hop). For tickets, visit

Rough trading in early November – October 17

Coming to Rough Trade on October 17th is a band worth celebrating… And not just because they hit the industry for two decades and music for two decades, but because they are local indie rock icons. In early November, they went straight out of Jersey and saw the early growth of the emo scene and the post-Sudden sudden, so they literally and figuratively got their act together by sending one demo tape to one label. Now a late, independent Drive. -Two records, some of which fit in well with their stellar counterparts, such as Sense Fail and Dashboard Confessional. Many of these gangs are still killing the game and getting the recognition of their nostalgic emo that they deserve. It is worth it in early November, especially given their homeland. For more information on a sharper trading date, visit

Never miss a beat

She is the "girl of the essay" and "right here waiting". It's "Don't Talk to Strangers" and "Endless Summer Nights." Rick Sprfield and Richard Markle, touring together, play their biggest hits and the most intimate of all. sound settings and again bringing back eighty pop music fans. What more can you ask for? The two men are still open-hearted, still talented musicians, and are going to do what they love. That's my victory in my book. Visit on October 18th at St. For tickets to the co-rap performances at the George Cave Theater, as well as on October 19 at the Wellmont Theater.

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