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Interesting NBC daytime news, divorce reports, and the importance of anniversary.

Stay informed as brings you the latest news Courageous and beautiful in our lives, days in the general hospital, and: The youth and the restless November 18-22 and thereafter.

Be sure to look forward to the latest Spoilers video from this week The Bold and the Beautiful Information Room. And then review all the action taken over the past week, as Candace thinks about moving Liam to Spencer Publications, an obscene suggestion and Brooke's hypocrisy in: Courageous and beautiful blog:

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The fans breathed a sigh of relief. After panic The Days of Our Lives Continuing to stop, they speculated that the show might be canceled. It has been revealed that NBC updated the soap during its 56th season. Why not remember the show's history by watching the latest project in the DOOL app? Digital reunion of the last explosion the series will return favorite characters including Chloe, Susan, Sean, Mimi and maybe even Philip. You can take a little piece of Salem history to the house that is now a shepherd friends and: The Days of Our Lives The crossover is up for auction. You can watch another video of the comedy that coincides with the drama SNL:Soap spoilage and impeachment hearings. Then catch Brandon Barash (formerly Stefan) in the music video for Richard Marx's song before knowing what the news is about playing the same role with the other man. We have an update on Tyler Christopher's public poisoning allegations and his new movie trailer, Max Winslow and the House of Secrets. And if you're looking for another player that will enhance your life, why not go out? For Dummies; Podcast:hosted by Eric Marsfield (Brady) before watching the latest spoiler video on what's ahead The Days of Our Lives Newsroom. And Christine's trying to keep up with the day-to-day shocks that are still felt by the leap of time as she delves into Marlene's inaccuracy, Sarah's worst nightmare, Enn was the hardest future for me, Sonny moving and all that sex within her The Days of Our Lives blog:

Tamara Brown was discharged from the General Hospital last week, leaving Kim's role and thanking her fans for all their support. But it was announced Rebecca Budig will leave the General Hospital as Hayden Barnes, completing his latest comeback. Get some of their past and present partners as we give you details on Paulina Bugembe's (Valerie) sprinkled ankle and recent W Wagner (Frisco) installation. When the heart calls. Port Charles will get a special Christmas as Jane Eliot (Tracey) returns just in time for the holidays. Get all the details in us General Hospital Information Room and make sure you list the top 25 things you need to know about Nicolas Cassadine. Dustin then ponders Kim's long and pressing departure, Brad's scream, Sam's punishment, Brook Lynn returns to the city and Nicolas is funny in: General Hospital blog:

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Some things Newmans might look for, such as: Alyvia Alyn Lind returns Young and restless because Faith is just for the holidays. Get what some of the stars of the soap past have been doing as Tatiana Ali (formerly Roxanne) appears in the Lifetime Holiday Movie Christmas hotel and Lindsay Fonseca (formerly Colleen) appear in a thriller You can't take my daughter. When Daniel Goddard came out of the canvas, we count 20 things to remember about his character, Kane Ashby. Now that you're in a nostalgic mood, why not watch Jack's emotional toast and interview with Peter Bergman while playing abbey in his three decades in Genoa. Look at her Conversation: among us Young and restless media room before reading the shocking news for Justin Astin Hartley (former Adam); This is us) From Chrysalis Staus (Jordan, The Days of Our Lives) Finally, Candace feels blue and thinks the soap is too watery, since Chelsea refused Adam's inevitable return, and Nou-Jans has yet to get much depth. puzzling attitude towards Theo inside The youth and the restless blog:

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