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Scoop. Coming Up is a new episode of SIMPSONS on FOX - Sunday, March 1, 2020Barth accidentally sees a brand new superhero movie a month before it's released … and the world is growing stronger in the wake of the spoiling powers of its newly created plot. So a new super-villain is born. Spoiler Boy! Can hero filmmakers stop Bart before he settles into the temptations of ultimate evil? Discover the new episode of Bart Bad Boy THE SIMPSONS: on FOX on Sunday, March 1 (8: 00-8: 30 pm ET / PT). (SI-3108) (TV-PG D, L, V)

Kevin Jiggin, Tal Fishman, Tarran Kilam Joseph Ashley, Anthony Russo
and Kobe Smulder guest-sound.

Screenplay of the longest primetime television story, THE SIMPSONS: Bursting into popular culture in 1990, it remains one of the most popular and innovative entertainment franchises in the world.

HOMER (Dan Castellaneta), MARGE (Julie Kavner), BART (Nancy Cartwright), LISA (Yeardley Smith) and MAGGIE are instantly identifiable television icons. Gathering around these characters are many beloved Springfield residents, including innkeeper MOE SZYSLAK (Hank Azaria) and nuclear power plant owner MR. PLANTS (Harry Shaver): The Emmy Award-winning animated comedy Annie Award and Peabody will begin its 31st season this year.

THE SIMPSONS is a production of Gracie Films in conjunction with the 20th century FOX: Television. L. James L. Brooks, Matt Greening and Al Jean are executive producers. Gracie Films, a worldwide brand, develops and produces series-licensed content.

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