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"Echo de la timbrologie", 76 pages, 5.50 euros. By sale by mail or publisher subscription, Evert and Tyler at Amiens (Somme).
"Echo de la timbrologie", 76 pages, 5.50 euros. By sale by mail or publisher subscription, Evert and Tyler at Amiens (Somme). DR / Yvert and Tellier:

S:aint-Pierre-et-Miquelon summarizes The reaction of thymolobiology In February, according to Jean-Jacques Tillard, “25-year-old greens. from Rare to Forgery. ”

The Overloaded Series of Saint-Pierre-et-Michelone (1945).
The Overloaded Series of Saint-Pierre-et-Michelone (1945).

The author, who is a poetry expert in the archipelago, explains it "On December 24, 1941, the French Free Navy (take) Fluent in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon. After the stamps were overloaded in the post office, this area was issued in August 1942. " fourteen values ​​representing dogs, with real aesthetic qualities, developed by Edmond Dulac (1882-1953). Some of them, eight (Yvert and Tellier numbers 315 to 322), were overloaded with new values ​​in 1945. "To replenish the caverns of the poor war archipelago",

And notes Jean-Jacques Tillard: "If there are any variants of printing this stamped stamp, there are some counterfeit stamps on the market that you just have to compare with the originals in order not to make them."

Reverse Charging: Series Sale, Paris, closed on February 25 for at least 250 euros.
Reverse Charging: Series Sale, Paris, closed on February 25 for at least 250 euros. dr / Cérès Philatélie:

The size of a stamp without the size of a stamp, such as 5 cents blue, is set at 0.30 euros, while it is offered 80 cents reverse with the same top printing, otherwise, For example, in Cerescurrently at least 250 euros (the stamp, which is usually overloaded, is estimated at 0.50 euros).

The author presents various types of encounters encountered and opposes false and authentic encounters to enable the collector to find their way. Be careful, therefore, between the gaps between "4" and "F" for "4 Fr 50 c" blue over 5 cents … Caution is also needed in the quality of the ink used.

Stamps from Saint Pierre and Miquelon dated February 20, photo by Daniel Gyozkecha.
Stamps from Saint Pierre and Miquelon dated February 20, photo by Daniel Gyozkecha. dr / Saint-Pierre-Miquelon points

Philatelic news is also Saint-Pierraise: a The stamp is scheduled for February 20 After the Hurricane, by Daniel Gyozkecha Photo: Jury Prize and Society's Favorite 2019 local photography competition. A new competition for "Summer Meetings" has been launched for 2020. The deadline for participation is April 30,

Meeting and interview Maurice HadidaA fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society of London (RPSL), one of the most prestigious versions of poetry in the world.

Maurice Hadidah co-authored with Richard Garcia, a 400-page masterpiece on Moroccan postal history – a 400-page study, entitled Morocco. History of Local and Sheriff Records 1891-1913, published by RPSL.

Morocco's postal history has been a passion for Mr. Hadida for more than 40 years, explaining that his collection of Moroccan foreign records (German, British, Spanish and French) won international grand medals in 2008. 2016 and in the local and sheriff's entries, the subject of the book, 2014 in Paris, gold medalist "And which will go international, in London in May 2020",

For his latest work, Maurice Hadida had to consult with Nancy and La Kurnuwa's diplomatic archives … Really“Usually the postal archives are not attached to the diplomatic archives. However, if everything is recorded in diplomatic archives, it is because the French Post Office in Morocco was created in the territory of the French legend in Tangier. Relations have since been established, with recipients of the mail used to copy all their administrative records to representatives of the French state, at least until the founding of the protectorate. "

Among the pieces that are particularly close to his heart, he provokes “He who testifies to the existence of 21e: a local postal service that is still unknown and probably short-lived, " though "Fourteen (of them) had three years less life", Mr. Hadida discovered that "The fact that Marx's brothers, the Germans, who crossed the border between Magadore and Marrakech, felt very bad that the French Post had doubled its ranks on the Safi-Marrakech route. So they decided to compete on this course. ",

It was left to find a letter confirming the existence of this line, something that was done in early 2019, in a letter that was reproduced in a magazine, “The one who traveled by local Marx mail in 1908 from Marrakech to Safi, or more accurately, Weiss & Maur, a company bought a few years ago by my Marx brothers (…). Marx's brothers had to wait until 1911 to be elected by German mail (…). ",


Other related subject matter with Dominique Solin, Vice President of the French Philatelic Club (CPF) "Focuses on searching for unusual mail items", Make Travel on Traveling Coffee Bags and Box Violets for Travelers and Other Labels…

The ten richly illustrated pages run through "sponge sauces," a term that describes the object originally introduced in a patent issued in 1892 in France, the use of which has been diverted here to be transformed into a postcard.

Dominic Solin also has other interests (making it easy for yourself if you think you can throw something in the mailbox), which should not inspire collectors. letters folding triangles. Guatemala Post Office Supplies "Whose use was diverted to Envelope France in 1952" ; the cover was released in France in 2011 "Released from the stamps that were given to the attention of public figures from 1976 to 1980 ", Etc

More "classic" Jacques Lavine's study on "type 25 sentimental mail use" wise in internal mode ”allows him to present "For postal use (with this seal) corresponding to the Evert and Tyler catalog numbers 68, 78 and 79 », Weight steps, Fees for insufficiently stamped letters, "Exceptional levers", Registered letters depict the nine pages signed by the Philatelic Academy, the European Philatelic Academy, Friends of Friends. Marianne, from the Fiscal Gillette of France and the bourbonne of the Amicale philatelic de Coussette and de la Montagny…

Amsterdam crease (French Southern Territories), produced by the Association La Marcophily navale to rescue sailors from the Golden Globe race in September 2018.
Amsterdam crease (French Southern Territories) was produced by the La Marcophilie navale Association in September 2018 to rescue sailors from the Golden Globe race. DR / Naval Marcophily:

We are ending up in the south of France, in particular on the invitation to travel to Amsterdam with Roger Venturini, who talks that marion. Dufresne: left Reunion in November 2018 and is collecting mail from the previous rotation of the building.

Impressive locally-made "memories" of evidence that rescuers testify to salvationOsiris: On September 24, 2018 by two participants in the Golden Globe tournament, Indian Navy Commander Abilash Tomi, who sustained serious injuries after sinking his boat, thuriya:, and Irishman Gregor McGuinn, whose sail Hanley Energy Resilience both were dismantled and both were deposited in Amsterdam on September 25. On September 27, the Australian frigate was selected as Gregor McGuinn HMAS Ballarat:, and Abhilash Tomy, 28, by the Indian frigate INS Satpura:… All this was celebrated with a souvenir of philateles made on the initiative of Martin de Vivière's postal manager David.

"The Response to Time", 76 pages, 5.50 euros. By sale by mail or publisher subscription, Evert and Tyler at Amiens (Somme).

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