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In this new film, Robert Gediguan continues his column in Marseilles, reflecting changes in the world and in his city. A beautiful poetic film for a dark statement.

Gloria Mundy The new film by director Robert Gediguan in theaters on November 27 is a dark picture of present-day society. The city of Marseille has changed its face, and so has the world. But poverty still exists, and social violence is worse than ever.

Anais Demustier, Gregory Leprins-Ringett, Jean-Pierre Darussin, Lola Neymarc, Robinson Steven:
Anais Demustier, Gregio Leprins-Ringett, Jean-Pierre Darussin, Lola Neymar, Robinson Steven in "Gloria in the World" by Robert Gediguyan (2019) (DIAPHANA DISTRIBUTION)

The film opens on the occasion of the baby's birth, with the first moments of shooting being closed, the head being seen, the crying, the welcoming hands, the rain on the face, the first shower, the smile being the outline. Little Gloria is just born. She is the daughter of Matilda (Anais Demoustier) and Nicholas (Robinson Steven), a young runaway couple, her driver, Uber, who tries as a saleswoman in a clothing store. Silvie, the mother of Matilda (Ariana Ascarid) and Richard (Jean-Pierre Darussin), the man who raised her, happily welcomed the newcomer.

The birth of the baby coincides with the release of Matilda's father Daniel (Gerard Maylan) … Behind the ideological portrait of a thoughtful family celebrating the arrival of a baby in the maternity ward, hiding in reality hidden and agitated, economic difficulties are rapidly escalating,

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With this new feature, Robert Gediguan returns to the social chronicle of his city of Marseille. We are far away Marius and ann Annette (1997), Port Strikes, The Brotherhood of Struggle, we are also far from the popular neighborhoods, alleys and yards where we are transforming the world. Marseille has changed, and so has the world. "In order to imagine Marx, wherever neo-capitalism reigned, he broke fraternal, amicable, and supportive relationships so as to leave no relation between men other than cold interest, hard money, and strangled all our dreams. selfish calculation in icy waters »,

The director always quotes Marx and none of his convictions has been rejected, but the report is heavy. The world is getting worse. The proletariat we once spent on shelves or in factories has changed its scenery, but it is still there. The poor working today are day and night cleaners who are indifferent to cleaning Shine Hospitals in hospitals, office workers, or luxury travelers who were spread out on the outskirts of the ol olive.

Today's proletarians are also drivers of Uber, who are killing their jobs for the wage of poverty without the illusion of social protection. "No boss"Nicholas trumpeted before realizing what a trap he had closed. Unions are dead, solidarity, social struggle, beautiful ideologies, "All that a century of labor struggles have been able to bring to men's consciousness, in short, the need for division, has been crushed a few years later to repair the deadly catastrophe that will befall everyone's will. what others have », says Robert Gediguan, who is filming his transformed city.

In the context, as other tragedies are inevitably offered, those migrants strangled on the sidewalks, anonymous anonymous, worrying landscape elements that society cannot accommodate.

There is no cliché in Marcel's eyes. The filmmaker leaves postcards to tourists armed with cell phones in the old port. He paints the city, as it has become, a showcase facing adversity. "Nothing has changed, I shouldn't be in jail"Daniel points out at the foot of the shameful hotel where he settled. From the director's emblematic l & # 39; Estaque, this time we only see the name, direction written on the bus. Shopping malls, auto bridges, traffic flows, and the CMA Tower, built by the most popular architect Jaha Hadid, have become a new sign of the city, a signal that turns into a "Good Mother" plan.

Robert Gediguan's 21st film depicts a very young man who grew up in a one-time society where emotions will no longer have value and a longer life than toasters sold in Aurora's store (Lola Neymarck), Matilda and his friend Bruno (Grego Lager) -Ringing) half-naked sister, the "winners" of the family, without faith and law, neatly broke from morning to evening, dependent on money, sex, "heavy" "Fully launched into the public eye, exploiting their atakitsnerin, black under-paid, to the extent used by their customers, who come for the survival of symbolic objects for sale to the consumer society.

& nbsp; Gregory Laprins-Ringett & Lola Neymark:
Gregory Leprins-Ringett & Lola Neymar in Robert Gediguian's "Gloria Mundier" (2019) (DIAPHANA DISTRIBUTION)

Fortunately, he remains the older generation, the one who has known the world before, and who is trying to continue to believe in it. «The most important thing is to help each other. Unless we are together. ”Silvi breathes her youngest daughter, indifferent to the world around her, who is exclusively concerned with success. But Silvi flatly refuses to go on strike to defend her rights. We must survive.

And it is Daniel, the old throne who shines for Haiko to support the world and its tragedies. One might think that the chart is sometimes forced, violent, cartoonish, but the violence of the world is not so. The humor that Robert Gediguan taught us is almost absent from this latest film, as it seemed impossible to laugh at because the report was awful.

Always angry, the director from Marseille continues his dedicated work. Without great performances, with his time-consuming, almost mind-boggling camera with his family of actors, including the trio Ascaride, Darroussin, Meylan, Still Fair, Robert Gediguyan and his wife share eyes on sad glory. of the world.

Gloria Mundy poster by Robert Gediguan (2019) (DIAZANA REGION)

Genre: drama
Director Robert Gediguian
Actors: Ariane Askarid, Jean-Pierre Daruzzi, Gerard Maila
Duration: 1h 47 minutes
Outcome: On November 27, 2019
Distributor Diphana Distribution
Synopsis: Daniel is released from prison, where he has been imprisoned for many years, and returns to Marseille. His ex-wife, Silvi, warns that he is a grandfather. Their daughter, Matilda, has just given birth to a little Gloria. Time has passed, everyone has made or changed his life … When meeting with Daniel, Daniel finds out about a mixed family that struggles to stay afloat by all means. When a witch's blow destroys this fragile balance, Daniel, who has nothing to lose, will try his best to help them.

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