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In the 80s and 90s, the thirst trap Richard Mark told his fans about how he felt about using a cell phone.

He does not give two folds.

"Hearing more and more artists trying to ban cell phones with their guitars," he wrote in a tweet.

"Although I agree that cellphone recording is the opposite of 'being present', if you pay $$ to see that I'm playing live, you can do pretty much whatever you want. My two cents. "

He also tweeted to a fan who said he was told "pictures or videos" of a concert he played with Pat Benatar.

"I can't speak for Pat, but I've never asked for him in my whole life."

“I got into show business in part because I wanted attention. Take pictures. Take a video. Post this disgrace on YouTube. I'm all for that. "

The online response was quite mixed.

For example, Darage Hayes's Savage Garden said that, as a performer, looking at glittering screens blew him away

Marks is right, phone use was a hot topic during the performances.

Recently, Hard Rock Tool told fans by email that one of the listeners caught using the phone during the show it would just have failed.

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