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As a performer, songwriter and producer, Richard Marx's nearly three-decade career has had countless hints. The Chicago native has sold more than 30 million albums around the world, starting with his self-titled debut at # 8 and charting four top-5 singles, including "A Moment of Night", including "Doesn't Mean Nothing" to him Grammy nomination for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. The sequel, 1989's Repeat the criminal, got better by hitting No. 1 and leaving platinum with two # 1 singles "Gosh" and "Right Here Waiting." When both Rush Street (with two # 1 AC hits "Keep Coming Back" and "Hazard") and paid vacations (with its # 1 AC hit, "Now and Forever") went to platinum, Marx arrived seven-year series victories that rivaled any pop-rock music history. To date, she is the only male artist in history to reach her Top Seven single on the Billboard charts.

For most artists it would have been impressive, but Richard Marx didn't stop there, starting his second, highly successful incarnation as a songwriter and producer, Groban's debut album with songs "Where's the first video clip", and the NSYNC smash hit "This I". He passed on Grammy's 2004 song of the year, co-authored with Luther Vandroz's "Dancing With My Father." In all formats, Mark has earned an amazing total of 14 # 1 singles (including Keith Urban's # 1 hit "Long Hot Summer") as both a performer and songwriter / producer, making him a true threat to a variety of threats that continues to challenge himself and his fans. He has also co-written with J Jennifer Nettels, Sarah Barrels and Wintz Gill. He is honored to be one of a handful of artists who have had the number one hit in the last four decades.

Marx's latest album of all new material: My best enemy, Released in 2004, the hits "When You're Gone" and "Ready to Fly" were released. He was released in 2010 To tell stories the biggest hit ever produced by the Top 20 AC hit "When You Love Me". In 2012, he released his first New Year album: The spirit of Christmas.

On July 8, 2014, she released her eighth album: Goodbye, featuring all the new material, such as his first single and the video, "What We Started." Fans can find Mars' eighth studio album, which is a little off track from its previous albums. According to Grammy Award-winning singer / songwriter, she intended to make a deliberate sex album. “The songs on this record have been greatly influenced by everyone, from Sade to Bebel Gilberto, from various EDM artists to even Chopin. I've been known for romantic music before, but the music I write is all the more sensual and ethereal and the words. they are more adventurous than I am ready to go in the past. ”

Each track on the new album also contains an orchestra element, and the recording of the tracks, according to Marx, “was more exciting than I did in the studio. And singing these songs brought what I think is the most difficult. vocal of my recording career so far. "

All tracks Goodbye written and produced by Marx, with the exception of Getaway, which is co-authored and produced by Walter Afanassif; Forget to Remember, written with Vertical Horizon frontman and frequent Marx collaborator Matt Scanel. "Turn Off the Night," written by longtime songwriter David Hodge and co-authored with Davis Fuentes. Special edition Goodbye will be available exclusively Target: and features two more songs: "Moscow Calling", a collaboration between Marx and renowned EDM artist and DJ Morgan Page and "Just Go".

Richard has pledged to do a number of different causes, donating his hit single, "Should Have Been Better," to build a room at NYU Medical Cancer Center, until his recording, "Children's Night," focuses on homeless children on the street. Raising over $ 500 for the Night Foundation for Children. Marx has also had many years of charity concerts for the TJ Martell Foundation, Toys for Tots, Make Wish Foundation, the American Cancer Society, best friends and special Olympics. Richard and his group have entertained US troops stationed in Germany, and since 2008 they have held an annual event in Chicago for Ronald McDonald House charities, the first of which was a concert of Richard and Kenny Rogers. Richard also organized an annual stellar benefit concert for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, raising more than $ 4 million for research into the treatment of the disease.

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