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Debut albumEdit

Marx's self-titled debut album, released in June 1987, released four hit singles and sold nearly four million copies in the United States. Debut single »,Don't appoint anything, "About the potential flaws in the music business that was released last month, and it reached # 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as the No. 1 chart on the Billboard Album Rock charts. Marx became the first new artist to play on 117 radio stations. In its first week, stations in the republics draw charts. The next two singles, "We Should Know Better" and "Endless summer nights“It reached # 3 and # 2 respectively. The fourth issue, "Continue the nights, "Marx earned his first # 1 pop single.

With the success of his self-titled album, he embarked on his first world tour, initially opening for REO Speedwagon, but quickly began to headline his own shows. The first tour kept him on the road for 14 months.

In 1988 Marx was nominated Grammy Award For the soloist "Best Rock for Vocal Performance" "Nothing Means".(11)

Repeat the criminalEdit

Repeat the criminal, Marx's second album was released in May 1989. It went up to 1 BillboardAlbum Chart: It went triple-platinum for several months and eventually sold over 5 million copies. United States: alone The first two singles: "Good" and Platinum Selling »Right here waiting, “Both reached number one. And the latter was nominated for Best Pop Vocal during the Grammy Awards 1990.

Wait Right Here has been covered many times, especially about it Monica and: 112: In the duo of 1998. From another single album »Children of the Night, »Was written and compiled in defense of a Van Nuysorganization for escape. It became the sixth single Repeat the criminal,.

Marx did The Beatles"Help me" The Berlin Wall End of 1989. Marx also received his second Grammy nomination in 1990's "Best Pop Vocal Performance: Man" "Right Here Waiting."(12)

Rushi StreetEdit

Marx continued to release a number of other albums. In 1991 he released his third consecutive platinum album: Rushi Street. This album saw artists like: Luther Vandros and: Billy El Hale appear as supporting vocalists and guest pianists. The first single on the disc, "Keep coming back, “We went to # 12 Pop, as well as # 1 Billboard Modern Adult Contemporary Charts for 4 weeks.


In early 1994, as he and his family permanently left Los Angeles and returned to Chicago, Marx released Paid vacation, and achieved his fourth consecutive platinum album. Acoustic Ballad »Now and forever"It reached the pinnacle of Hot 7 Hot 100.

Flesh and Bone:Edit

In 1997, the release was announced Flesh and Bone:, Mars' latest studio album on Capitol Printing. "Until I Find You Again" song. Peach in the top three modern adult charts in the United States.

Greatest hitsEdit

Marx: Greatest hits The collection was published in November 1997. The 16-track album includes a number of hit singles from her first five albums, plus "Angel's Lullaby", a song written about her children appearing initially For our children too A compilation published in 1996 to benefit the Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Greatest hits was released in Asia in November 1998 and included two new songs – "Slipping Away" and "Thanks To You", tribute to Mom. Marx's dedication and support of many charities continued throughout his career. It was certified Gold in: United States:.

Days in AvalonEdit

In 2000, Marx debuted his sixth studio album titled Days in Avalon. This CD was released on the label Signal 21 Records, founded by Marx and formerly Blood, sweat and tears drummer and: record producer Bobby Columbus.

My best enemyEdit

After concluding a new deal with his former label Manhattan records, Marx released his 2004 album My best enemy.


In 2008, Marx was released Duo, with whom he collaborated Vertical horizonlead singer, Matt Scannell:.

Emotional remnants and: SandownEdit

On October 31, «Emotional remnants"and"Sandown"They have been released as digital downloads on Marx's official website.

To tell storiesEdit

March 2010 To tell stories was released during Marx's solo concerts. It was the first full-length album he ever recorded or released, and included some of his previous albums. November 2010 To tell stories The album was released in Europe in support of Marx's European tour. The European issue featured all of the songs from the March issue and new studio recordings of songs Marx wrote or created or or other artists such as Osh Nash Grob: and: Keith Urban.

May 3, revision To tell stories was released in the United States as a three-disc solo album Walmart. The collection included "The Best" CD, Tracks Acoustic CD, and live concert DVD at Shepherd's Bush, England. The album was also available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon, but without the bonus DVD and album brochure. »AllWas released as a single in Europe, and "When You Loved Me" was released in the US, appearing in the top ten contemporary adult charts.(13)

Christmas Holidays:Edit

On November 1, 2011, Marx released Christmas Holidays:, Top 5 New Year's songs collection. "Christmas Spirit," written and co-written by Marx and Payment Waybill:, was the first single to be released on radio.

The spirit of ChristmasEdit

In October 2012, Marx followed Christmas Holidays: with an album full of holiday tracks he called The spirit of Christmas.


On July 8, 2014, Marx released his eleventh studio album: Goodbye, by: Cobalt Label Services.

The album included three songs ("Suddenly", "A Little Faith" and "My Senses") that had previously appeared Sandown 2008

Whatever We Started was released as a digital single in May 2014. It reached 29 Billboard& # 39;Modern Adult Spreadsheet. The title was released on September 13, 2014. (With bonus tracks, "Just Go", previously released as a single on February 14, 2013.)

Recent activity and subsequent recordingsEdit

On June 12, 2008, Marx participated in a PBS: called the TV series Composers in the cycle. Legends and words:. In episode 102 of the first season, Marx appeared together Kenny Loggins, Nathan Lee and the rock band Three doors down. An interview was also shown in this episode singer-songwriter Diane Warren.(14)(15)(16)

On December 6, Marx headed for the fundraiser Cystic fibrosis Research: Newsapalooza sponsored by WLS-AM Roe Conn: a program in which Marx and his band performed some of his hits and accompanied Chicago-based news reporters and anchors to cover rock hits.(17)

In an interview published Rolling Stone: Magazine: 2009 On June 26, Marx said he was "ashamed" of a $ 1.92 million fine against a single mother. Amm Amy Thomas-Russett by: American Recording Industry Association (RIA). Rasset shared 24 songs file sharing website Casa: 2005, and Marx "Now and Forever" was one of them.(18)

Marx played the piano based on the song "Here" and prepared Matt Scannell's vocals on two tracks Vertical horizonThe 2009 album is titled Burning days.(19)

Marx appeared on YouTube's "ASK KevJumba 2" video, singing along with YouTube star KevJumba:.(20)

On March 27, 2011, Marx sang the National Anthem NASCAR: race, 2011 Auto Club 400:.

2011 On May 3, Marx was invited to perform at the San Francisco Kuran Theater Hugh Jack Sherman. The night was opening Hugh Jackman in the performance. When presenting to the mystery guest, Jack Yeerman said that the man was helping her put together the show and trying it out, and that she had been in this person's living room at least four times, practicing. The mystery guest turned out to be Marx. Then they sang "Right Here Waiting" and together with Marx changed the words of the last choir "right here waiting for Hugh".

In the summer of 2011, Mark collaborated with the duo of Internet comedy Rett and reference, creating a celebrity endorsement for Colon Cleaning Officer in Sacramento, CA. The ad site and its "make-up" were featured in an episode of Rhett and Link Commercial kings TV series IFC:.(21)

Marx appeared in 2016–2017 Australian: TV Song »Right here waiting"into: Hotels: commercial(22)

On December 21, 2016, it was announced that Marx had helped Korean Air Flight attendants calm a reckless, possibly intoxicated passenger as he and his wife board a flight from Hanoi to Seoul.(23)(24) even presenting photographic evidence of the incident.(25)(26)(27) He also criticized the airline for what it considered to be inappropriate handling of the situation. In response, Korean Air said in a press conference that they would be more aggressive towards passengers who commit such acts, even hire more flight attendants and "be ready to use them." stun guns“If there are more serious measures.(28)

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