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Everything passed between them very quickly and very strongly. In April 2014 we found out Richard Mark was divorced from Cynthia Rhodes, recalled long ago Showbiz: after enjoying the glory of a brilliant quarter hour in his role as Penny, along with Patrick Swaze Dirty dance, and its services Flashdance: And what? Staying alive, 25 years of marriage, of which today, twenty-three-year-old boys (Brandon, Lucas and J Essee) are the source of pride, as evidenced by her posts on social media.

In September of the same year he was a highly successful author, composer and performer (in addition to: Waiting right here, They should have known better, Continue the nights, satisfy or Now and forever), who also writes for others (particularly Keith Urban, Mr. Nicole Kidman), has revealed the video for his new single, Goodbye, a second extract of the same name after the album Whatever we started, A very emotional video in which Daisy Fuentes, the new lady Marx, played the subject of the artist's burning desire. «It made sense that I ask the person who wrote the song with me, particularly Daisy Fuentes, to be my partner in the video", The singer explained to the magazine people when the video was revealed, highlighting the fact of Daisyparoxysms of sexuality, elegance, and class"We saw …

«If only making videos could always be so easy and fun. I couldn't love this anymoreHe flared up again. Nice to remember when she played Cynthia Rhodes in the very first video, because Don't say anything (1987), two years before her marriage.

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