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Since the 1980s, Richard Markle has been a sponsor of billboards, a Grammy-winning hit producer, both on his own and with his own talented pop-rock writer / musician – creating songs for huge acts such as Keith Urban. Long Hot: Summer, N * Sync hit this I I Promise You (remember them? That song was huge!) And Luther Vandrozz's latest hit book, Dance With My Father.

When I saw Marx in 2010 at the exquisitely decorated Shepherd's Bush Empire in London, he played these songs in his own classical style, and Dance With My Father was performed as a tribute to a "dear friend." The settings and the atmosphere (the gorgeous red velvet curtains and seats, the rococo-style statues and huge chandeliers) really made the song feel better and more beautiful. The incorporation of the string band into his live series has further added to the epic sincerity of Richard Marx's live experience. His playful, witty spectator shouted at Angela during a heartfelt ballad. "Come on, you all know the words of this one." "Here the guitar soloist will go" (just before the bridge of the song). Humor and closeness inspired the show and added that Marx's flamboyant emotion was able to penetrate and get out of his audience.

In his timely, classical approach to songwriting and ballad numbers such as (still provocative) love songs right here, waiting and saying good-bye, Marx could have fallen on paper in the unfavorable "father-rock" category. "Today, however, his captivating, superb beats playing the full string orchestra, coupled with his true superstar stage presence and false but sweet sincere vocals, make Marx live a truly incredible and touching experience, fattiness. even the most persistently stoic of the audience. His songs (and vocal chords) both stand the test of time. You have to hand it over to the man, of course, he still has it, and trust me, it's better to live.

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