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The show was part of a tribute to Van Morrison's music, and was held at the Isaac Stern Auditorium in Carnegie Hall. She performed her refreshing song "Domino" which was great and fun. Marx had with him listeners at every step of the way.

In honor of Van Morrison, Marx was joined by a variety of musical acts such as Sean Calvin, "The Secret Sisters," Mark Coney, Glenn Hansard, Anderson Arev, Alabama's Blind Boys, Robert Earl Keane, Darlene Love, Todd Rundgren and "Punk's Godfather" Patty Smith, among others.

All of these artists were able to breathe fresh life into Van Morrison's songs, thereby proving that his music would stand the test of time.


Overall, Richard Marx was great at Carnegie Hall in New York. Van Morrison himself would have been pleased with his version of Domino's. Marx is worth a visit every time he comes to town. He never disappoints. His performance at Carnegie Hall garnered A rating.

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