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Born in Chicago, Illinois to music parents, Richard Marx It doesn't take long for the community to make a name for itself. Someone has noticed him since he was 17 years old Lionel Richie who foresees a bright future for himself. Shortly after performing the choir Kenny Rogershe finds that he is a composer, James Ingram and: Kim Carnes. We find it later when writing headlines Chicago where: Freddie acks yesonwhich ends with the sealing of its authority. It is therefore not surprising to see him release his first anonymous album in 1987 this year, and even less to see the list of celebrities accompanying him.

Completely rooted in its time, Richard Mark offers 10 tracks of AOR that stand out from the obvious western influences ("Endless Summer Nights") and a few other muscle-bending acoustic guitars ("Mercy"). Ballads are present (three) and are often airy and surprising ("Stay at Night", "Only the Sky Knows"), while they are always provided by attractive choirs. In this question Richard Marx have a perfect grasp of their subject, and each title is easily anchored in memory. The more dynamic songs compare well here, including a few blues touches here ("Don't Set Nothing" and its solo by The Walsh, Eagles), sax lines and uninterrupted groove there ("Remember Manhattan") or even the brass band and grandchildren's choirs ("Rhythm of Life").

It is also one of the strengths of this opus to know how to differentiate components within different titles without changing the overall consistency. And it's no coincidence that the four singles will compete for the top 3 spots on the Billboard 100. "Doesn't Mean Nothing", "Endless Summer Nights" and "Keep On To Nights" above have already been added. "I should have known better", the dynamic and delicately spoiled little pearl of the AOR was always endowed with a persistent choir. Even if he had no right to honor the above format, "The Lonely Heart" still deserves to dwell on it, with quiet numbers and choirs and attractiveWith the bonus of a beautiful soloist by Bruce Gaitch. At the end of the day only a slightly synchronized "Flame of Love" goes up below.

With this first album Richard Marx will mark the AOR landscape. The album will remain in the United States' Top Sellers for 18 Months, and will top 4 singles on the Billboard Top 3. In addition to being an exceptional composer, the American is also a great singer and talented juggler. These are the bases that will allow this artist to establish himself as one of the leaders in the musical genre for which the US was a master at that time.

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01. We should have known better – 4:11
02: Don't appoint anything. 4:41:
03: Endless summer nights – 4:30 pm
04: Lonely Heart – 3:53
05. Continue the Nights – 5:19
06. Have mercy – 4:32
07. Remember Manhattan – 4:17
08: Flame of Love – 3:37
09. Rhythm of Life – 4:45
10. Only Heaven Knows – 5:39


Richard Mark. Vocal / Keyboard / Drums
Bruce Gatech. Guitars / guest
Alex Acuña: Drums / Guest
Dave Borf. Guest / saxophone
L my Lang. Keyboard / Guest:
Joe Chemay – bass / guest
Oe Walsh. Guitars / guest
Ke On Keen. Drums / Guest
Pierre Pierce. Bass / Guest
Michael Landau. Guitars / guest
Michael Omartyan: Keyboard / Guest
Nathan East. Bass / Guest
Patrick O & # 39; Bass / Guest
Paulino da Costa. Drums / Guest
Prairie Prince. Drums / Guest
Rett Lawrence. Keyboards / Drums / Guest:
Steve Luther. Guitars / guest
Tom Keane: Keyboards / Guest
Tris Imboden. Drums / Guest


The 80s, Affordable / FM

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