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Mike HelfrichThursday, Richard Marx has done a Billboard Live At-Home Concert, filing a lawsuit to Meals on Wheels America, which supplies food to senior citizens of the United States. During the session Richard remembered the late Kenny Rogerswho died on March 20, and who happened to be the first artist to ever record one of his songs.

The song was "Crazy", a 1984 hit for Rodgers. Richard recalled that she wrote it when she was just 19 years old and was working as a background singer to hire a Kenny album.

"I heard that I was telling this producer that they were still one song short of this album," Richard said. "I remember him saying, 'I need a song that says what every woman wants her to hear and what every man wants to say.'

So, surprisingly, Richard continued: “I went home and wrote most of this song. And I brought it the next day … he asked me to sit on the piano and play for him. I sang for him, he changed it around a little bit, and he took it to number one on the country plates. "

Crazy has also reached the top five in Modern Adult Tables. One of the many pop hits that Kenny would hit over the years. Others included "Lady," "We Have Tonight," "Through the Years," and, of course, "Islands in the Stream."

Recently, Richard had to postpone his European tour until the fall due to COVID-19.

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