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Richard Marx knows his new album, "Goodbye Good", is different from his other works.

However, he is in a completely new phase of his life.

Last year, the singer / songwriter revealed that she and her wife of two decades, actress Cynthia Rhodes, had split up.

“I have had the great blessing and fortune to share most of my adult life with such a good person as I have ever known. I can't say enough about Cynthia. He's an incredibly remarkable man, "Markle told ABC News on Thursday. “I was blessed to share not only his life with him but also with his company, so there is nothing for him but the feelings of love for him. I note the fact that I married this remarkable woman. ”

His words reflect that attitude. Marx says that he wants to focus on the beauty of the new squire, not on the pain of breaking up.

“As hard as a year was, I didn't want to write a sad, harsh song album. I decided to write about the other side of it, ”he said. "Everything is new, and everything is hopeful."

Richard Mark is divorced from his wife, Cynthia Rhodes

Richard Markle "has stories"

Meanwhile, the music is informed of his new love of electronic dance music, as well as Latin and Brazilian music he has been playing recently. The result? A voice that is more emotional than some of his previous posts.

"I find the melodies in the trance music … so sexy. They sound like the sexiest movie soundtracks, "he said laughing. "I thought it would be fun to create an atmosphere that [sounds like] and apply my composure and create a hybrid."

For Marx, who describes himself as "completely alone", this new chapter is full of new adventures, both in the studio and abroad. He not only studies snowboarding but also explores the cities on his own and spends more time with his three grown sons. One of his harshest critics, Marx says that they all endorse the stamps on this album, saying his oldest:

“We are really great friends. We have an amazing relationship and are probably stronger than ever, "Marx said. “It is a blessing to be best friends with your children. It doesn't get any better than that. ”

For a taste of Marx's new album, which came down on July 8, watch the video for his first single, "What We Started" below. [/ embed]

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