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Richard Noel Markle was born on September 16, 1963 in Chicago, Illinois. Richard Markle is the son of a jazz musician and the founder of a company specializing in advertising jingles. As a result, at the age of 5, Richard Marx finds himself singing jingles and acquiring early studio skills. He then began singing songs, one of which was Lionel Rich in 1980. Richard Marx was invited to go to Los Angeles, California, where he worked as a singer in Alaverdi. (1983) by Lionel Richie.

The youngster also performs with Madonna, Whitney Houston or Julio Iglesias. In 1984, with a call to choir with Kenny Rogers, Richard Marx offered him songs like "Crazy" and "What About Me"? Which become pipes. Richard Marx is now recognized as a composer and works under the direction of producer David Foster with artists such as Chicago or Freddie Acks. She does not forget about her desire to become a singer, and she ends up signing a contract with EMI.

With the help of his friend Fee Waybill's The Tubes, Richard Marx brings together an elite team to record his first album. Californian rock pop rock, with several Eagles on the album, Richard Marx is the author's first hit in 1987. He used the opportunity to win his first numbers on Billboard – one, two and three. respectively, "Stay for the Nights," "Endless Summer Nights," and "Don't You Mean Nothing?" Richard Marx is now ready for the success of his life and a double criminal in 1989. The Double Criminal inexplicably manufactured and executed contains the planet's pipe "Right Here Wating", which is numbered in many countries (in France only sixteenth). The album is also number one in the world and four times platinum in the US.

Business is rapidly ramping up with Rush Street in 1991, which is moving much less crowded, despite the presence of Billy Joel or Luther Vandros. Then Richard Marx reloads family life and returns with his wife and three children to Chicago. Paid vacation is still a platinum record in 1994, but does not contain any distinguished guests or earned titles. Since 1997, Richard Marx has been more and more restrained from Flesh and Bone, and his albums are no longer Billboard's top sellers. Like many artists who have experienced an intense hour of glory, Richard Mark manages his best albums or albums where he picks his own titles as a duo (Duo 2008) or audio version (Stories to Asa 2011).

However, Richard Marx remains extremely active as a composer, and his writing and production skills are utilized by Josh Groban, Chris Bot, Natalie Cole or Sarah Brigtman, as well as many others. His most notable titles are also featured on a regular basis, from which Monica stands out in 1998's "Right Here Wating" version of The Boy Is Mine.

This relative narrowing means that Richard Marx's albums are no longer properly distributed in Europe. The Frontiers Records brand decided to "fix it in June 2012 by reserving the old continent with Composite In My My Head." Halfway through the album and the collection Inside My Head, she mixes Emotional Remains (2008), Duo (2008), and Stories to Tell (2011), which attribute her big hits as a bonus CD and four unreleased songs. It is not certain that such a globe-trotter would most likely arouse the European public's interest in Richard Marx.

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