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A singer and songwriter who has sold millions of albums and performed worldwide, is going to perform in Salina. Richard Markle comes to the Stifel Theater.

Acoustic Evening of Love Songs with Richard Marx comes Friday, January 31.

As a songwriter, songwriter, and producer, Marx's nearly three-decade career has had countless hints. The Chicago native has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide since his self-titled debut, which topped # 8 and produced top-5 singles, including charting "A Moment at Night," earning him a Grammy nomination best male rock vocal performance. The following: 1989 Repeat the criminal, he was more successful, hitting No. 1 and going "# satisfied" and "waiting right here" with two # 1 singles in round four. When Rush Street (two hits at # 1 AC with two hits "Keep Coming Back" and "Hazard") and a paid vacation (with its No. 1 AC, "Now and Forever") went platinum, Marx achieved a series of seven-year victories competed in the history of pop-rock music. To date, she is the only male artist in history to reach her top seven singles charts on the Billboard charts.

Marx has a new album, Unlimited, which will be released on February 7, 2020 by BMG. "Limitless" is the first album of its original songs in six years, as well as its first new release for BMG. Partially produced by Marx, and co-written with Sara Bareli, Richard's son Lucas Marx and his wife, Daisy Fuentes, "Unlimited" is a new beginning for the renowned singer-songwriter.

While his latest album "Beautiful Farewell" closed the book on one chapter of Marx's life, "Unlimited" opens a new one. After falling in love, remarrying, and settling in LA. "I've never felt so strong and optimistic about my future," says Marx, and the infinite, heartfelt pop song reflects that feeling.

Tickets to see Richard Marx start at $ 39 and go on sale this Friday. They are available in person by visiting the box office at 785-827-1998 or by Ticketmaster

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