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Don't talk about Richard's trash in his hometown.

how are you wrote: In last week's Morning News story, Marx, a Chicago-born singer best known for the 1980s soft rock hits "Stop the Nights" and "Right Here Waiting," demanded to sit with me after I called. on his "shameless" blog Search record: for a local TV news site.

"Will you say it to my face?" “Let's find out. I will meet you in any city, anytime. I don't travel again until the end of the week. Let this be like men. "

At first I thought the reader was pulling his leg. Marx then sent this tweet from his confirmed account: “You call me a 'shameless' printmaker in my hometown, but you won't reply to my emails to find out / explain. I'm calling #chickenshit. " It was followed by "Hey @ TedMcClelland, I'm making mistakes. Should I stop and pick you some tampons? "

So, I invited Marx to my neighborhood bar. He reached for his Jaguar.

"Listen," I told him, "if I wrote something that offended you personally, I apologize. It was meant to be a criticism of music, and I don't think any reasonable reader would treat it any differently. I was not going to confuse your character. "

He still seemed to be confused.

"You call me naughty in my hometown, where my family can read it," he said.

At the time, I thought I was special. Marx told me that, despite 25 years of unnoticed hints, he had never met a writer who had his disadvantages. I couldn't figure out why an internationally known musician who sold 30 million records, though one whose last hit was nearly two decades ago, would love to fall into what I wrote on a lush blog that he would accompany me for an hour. a strange suburban bar from a suburb just to dress me in person.

But as I know, Marx has a long history of meeting local journalists. After the blog for Chicagoist called To him, "Midwest's response to Billy Joel," Marx responded to a number of reliable emails. Blogger, who also belonged to the comedy theater group, reunited exchange with a friend who had donated a Tina Turner wig to play the previously gloomy singer. Last month, Marx was unable to appear on the public radio station because, according to him, it was raining, he had bronchitis, and he could not find a parking lot. When the host complained that Marx had made a TV show the same day, the singer took to Twitter.

"So some guy … on the radio blows me over for his show not to rain with bronchitis," he wrote. "Sorry to move".

That escalation from where Marx called the host and its producer "scary," "dumb," and "crunch."

As the Metafilter poster has pointed out after publishing my story, Marx consistently violates the public relations privilege of "never being tried".

"If you fight with anyone, make sure you do it because you want to help them with their careers," the poster wrote. "Marx looks like a fool here, and the writer gets fake rights about how he met Marx in a bar and did not refuse to call him shameless, which is a character Marx did not object to."

According to the American Recording Industry Association, Marx's quadrilateral platinum album, Repeat Crime, has sold more copies than "Blonde on Blonde", "Songs for Swingin Lovers" or "Pet Sounds." (In fact, Marx's most popular album has sold more copies than Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, or any other Beach Boys album). However, Marx's window of glory was so brief, and his songs were so touching that he did not. musical heritage. She's still heard late-night call-in shows for the girlfriend and, as she even confesses, "I'm HUGE GE in Walgreens" as background music for shopping.

Unlike modern pop stars Hall & Oates and Journey, Marx did not create a following among the next generation of fans. Fewer than 30 or under 60 know who he is, and most people haven't thought of him for decades. His last 10 best hits, "Now and Forever", were released in 1994. He is now a songwriter and producer and co-author of Grammy's Luther Vandros' book "Dance with My Father," but no one in Hollywood knows about the writer. Name:

Marx has never been respected by critics, which is understandable for any artist. At concerts in 1990, the New York Times critic compared him to David Cassidy and Donnie Osmond, as the latest in a long line of "long-lasting, fake-teen singing idols whose tenure as a teenager is rarely three years." it was also the last time Marx's music was the subject of a New York Times article.

At present, only Chicago's critics worry about his disrespect. Down is the only direction he can pierce, and he seems to believe that as a native son and 30 times higher platinum artist, he deserves to be obeyed by not-so-big market hackers who are not his professional, financial or creative. : peers. One time Marx threw divine ornaments when he learned that composer David Foster had twice as much airplay than WGN-TV.

“Six minutes. And three anchors, ”Marx sent producer Eff Ef Hoover. "So I'm selling over thirty million albums and writing 13 single songs … Oh, yes …, and I also made osh ash Groban. And Streisand: And much more. And maybe you let me strain for 3 minutes. And even that may lead you to dance idiotically behind me. Next time you need someone to sing your show … you should call David. "

It happened to me when my story was published after Marx might have chosen to fight with writers as a means of keeping the public in the spotlight. Because his tweets and e-mails are so overloaded with complaints and scandalous inventions, then running with Richard Marx gives a great copy. As the Metafilter poster predicted, I've never gotten as much of a writer for this gossip as I have at meeting my pop star in my room. It even inspired me Tumblr The site is dedicated to "mostly fictional stories about people who met Richard Marx."

As my Facebook account and my Twitter followers were reaching thousands of people, and emails were coming from inside England, Ireland, and all corners of the US, I wondered if Marx was playing with me. But as long as I respect the person who confronts me, rather than forcing me to be a lawyer or PR agent, which he certainly could have done, I can't believe a man is so rich and popular. because Marx has something to fear from specialization. with bloggers. For some reason – insecurity, bitterness, a sense of exaggerated honor – Marx has a baseless need to oppose his critics.

Less than 24 hours after my article appeared, Marx, who had flown to Los Angeles on that day, sent me a long e-mail in which he attacked my views, family status, lack of professional accomplishments, my hypocrisy, and my actual accuracy. He informed me that my arrogance is a league with Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. (To be honest, I would have done the same to him, though I didn't compare him to Hitler, Stalin or any other dictator of the 20th century.)

He insisted that I fully publish that letter. I'm doing it here, and because he dared me ("Let's see you have those holes"), and because I want to give readers a glimpse of the ballad of sentimental love. I have written the letter where one part of the explanation is needed, or where I feel I have dug another with Marx. After all, as he points out, the only thing I get about him is my own blog.


I'm still laughing at your tweets today, suggesting that I "release this" when you were, eight months after I did just that … face to face … who decided to print another public attack on me Include my personal email for you with a character and extra touch. We will see that you have holes to print this email unconsciously.

First, let's cover up the inaccuracies of your "fabric" today.

First, your editor who has no name but whose identity I can easily find is a liar. I have never measured less than 20% in my adult life, and you are more than welcome to call any institution that you think I can sponsor to check it out. Also, whenever you want to compare annual charity investments, say when. (Oh, .. and I'm also taller than my wife, but despite being 5 & 10) I'm constantly falling short, maybe because of some meticulousness and worrying overwork … but I I'm digging. )

(I read this paragraph to my blog editor who repeated that not only was Marx not a bad admonition, but he also called the waiting room a "runner": a demanding diner who constantly asks his server to run to the kitchen with a new fork.) , package basket, etc. this photo Concerning President Clinton, Marx states that Marx or at least his hair is taller than his wife).

Second, assuming that you can crawl into my head and know what motivates me to write a song, arrogance is reserved for the approval of Hitler and Stalin. Fact-based opinion is respectful journalism. An opinion that is based on information that you do not have access to is intentionally unaware and should not be allowed to stand.

Third, my Christmas album has been and is available everywhere, not just Target. iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, my car boot wherever I go. A nine-second Google search would tell you that. And if you (and Mike, the water supplier) are thinking about making a Christmas album and want it to be sold, it's shameless, you're not only a furious idiot but also a complete hypocrite. I checked on Amazon and lo and behold, your Obama book is available there. So I'm a "salesman" for selling a Christmas album, but you've sold a book, what is a "title"? "Service". Have you donated all your royalties? I'm making a call.

(Richard Marx's Richard Marx website, has a link to, which is advertising Christmas Spirit special edition with four bonus tracks available for "Purpose Only" 🙂

Finally, your statement, "Richard Marx is married to a model," is not only inaccurate but also offensive to my wife for twenty-five years. Cynthia is a former professional dancer and actress who has starred in more than one feature film. Most importantly, she is a mother who has raised three children and is volunteering more for charity each year than I know. To put it mildly, your statement is worthy of a conspiracy.

(Marx is married to former Cynthia Rhodes, who played Penny in Dirty Dancing.)

You are right, despite your childish description of my appearance, that I did not undergo plastic surgery. You can check the scars in my ears. The interesting thing is that I think you are a few years younger than me, but you appear to be significantly older. Although as insecure as the next person, I will choose my view of you in the mirror any day of the week. But not just for the outside.

We all know guys like you. All day long you keep saying how "rebellious" you are or how "angry" you are to complain in a pathetic way. The happiness is more likely that you spent more time in high school locked up in high school than in the classroom. And that is exactly who you are today.

The big question is why I am cursing people like you or the things you write. Even my wife and some friends ask me why I just don't let things pass. I am fully aware of what is in my triumphal column. An amazing man for a woman. good and healthy children; more than one fierce loyal friend; and a career that still sees me twenty-five years later listening to my songs on the radio, writing new songs with a variety of artists, and traveling around the world. So why am I allowing these certain attacks to reach me?

Here's my explanation. The Internet, Twitter and blogs, in particular, are utopian breeding grounds for cowards. A place for small, frustrated people to find useless, bitter flatteries without fear of true punishment. But don't forget … Twitter, as well as your little blog, is a public forum. And in a world that is drowning in apathy a little more every day, I choose to sometimes call them cowards if I only briefly shine a big, bright light on their little yellow line. Today you became the poster boy for Chickenshit-itis.

And for you, as well as anyone who thinks this is as simple as me being a 'thin skin', let me make it clear, again … and last time. Mock or weaken my music all day long. Go for it. You have the right to your opinion. But to devalue or question my character, and I will require you to answer it. That's what I think any person who has their self-esteem should do.

I am fully aware of my lack of knowledge. You think it's an insult. (Despite what it says about you that you donate the whole blog …. ME.) I was in fact not a celebrity. But it's a bunch of my songs. And coming back to your ignorant and stupid statement about me trying to write songs for hard trade, I've ever written songs that I liked, and I hope other people will too, and some of my biggest hits have been written special wife, they have no intention of recording them. But I absolutely love that they have become enormously popular songs all over the world, dedicated to loved ones, sung at graduation parties, funerals, weddings. And I'm even more grateful that someone in my life has had those songs written and so on.

By your own admission, this is one of the many things you are without.

But you have your blog. Congratulations:


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