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Richard Noel Marx (born September 16, 1963 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American singer-songwriter and producer. During the 1980s and 1990s, Marx released a number of hits, including "Right Here Waiting", "Danger" and "Keep Nights". Although he has mostly succeeded with such ballads, many of his songs have rock soundtracks such as "Don't Set Nothing," "They Should Have Known Better," "Satisfied," and "Too Far Too." Marx was the first artist in the United States to leave the first seven excerpts of his albums in the top five on Billboard.

Marx began his career as a musician at age 5, singing small songs written by his father, Dick, for commercials in peanut butter: Peter Pan and Nestlé Crunch.

Marx was 17 and living in a suburb of Chicago when a group of his songs were discovered by Lionel Richie. Richie said he thinks Marx can succeed, saying, "I can't promise you anything, but you have to come to Los Angeles." So after high school, Marx went to Los Angeles to visit him. "He was recording his first solo concert, and he had issues with harmony," Richard recalls. "He said, 'Try this part.' It worked, and I finally sang on her album. " Richard participated in the "You Are", "All Night" and "Running at Night" choirs.

During those years, Mark used to go to the recording studio as often as possible. His enthusiasm and presence in the studio helped him find a number of opportunities to work with artists such as Madonna and Whitney Houston, and later had the opportunity to serve as a composer. He sang for Kenny Rogers in 1984 when he heard that Rogers needed a new song. For a few days Marx gave him a demo of "Crazy." Rogers recorded it, as well as another Marx song "What's About Me" with James James Ingram and Kim Carnes. Both songs were very successful and placed No. 1 on the country charts. Richard has also worked with producer David Foster and wrote songs for Freddie Acks and the band Chicago.

Marx continued to contract to create his own album. His performance was rejected by all Hollywood companies until four years after arriving in Los Angeles, EMI / Manhattan Records President Bruce Lundwall heard. He knew right away that Marx would succeed. So Marx signed a contract with EMI / Manhattan.

He got in touch with some of the musicians on the Fee Waybill and the Eagles and made a similar album.

Richard Marx's album was released in June 1987. More than 3 million copies were sold. The first single, "You Don't Mean", was released in July and came in third on the pop chart. Richard was the first artist to sing in charts in 117 radio stations during his first week. His next two segments, "They Should Have Known Better" (October 1987) and "Endless Summer Nights" (January 1988), have been placed No. 3 and No. 2 respectively. The fourth passage, "Stand at Night," was number one for Marx.

Marx became the first male artist to have an album of his name with four of his excerpts on his Top 3 album. She left the first world concert tour for 14 months, and her album remained on the chart for over 18 months.

In 1988, Richard received a Grammy nomination for "Best Male Rock Vocal Performance" "Nothing Means".

Repeat The Criminal, his second album was released in May 1989 and sold more than 5 million copies. It was the result of energy produced during his first tour, and most of the songs were written by Marx. "Some people said they thought it would be easier this time and I could relax," Richard said, "but it's actually more difficult. I have more to prove. tried to create an album that was more than the first. "

The first two excerpts, "Goh" and "Wait Right Here", were both number one in the tables. The third, Angelia, placed No. 4, and Marx became the first solo artist to reach the Top 5 with his first seven songs.

Another song on this album, "Kids of the Night," was written for the Los Angeles-based children's run organization. It was the fifth extract from the repeater, and all rights were donated to charities.

The second world tour of Mars began in the spring of 1989, and the singer performed in Australia, Japan in aponia, in a number of European countries, in Canada and in the United States, until August 1990. In 1989, Marx had the opportunity to perform "Help", "The Beatles" at the Berlin Wall.

Richard received his second Grammy nomination in 1989. "Best Male Pop Vocal Performance" for "Right Here Waiting".

Marx created several other albums that did not succeed in his first two. Only the Danger excerpt from Rush Street became an important hit. The paid vacation with its hit "Now and Forever" was released in 1994, the 2000 Avalon Days, and in 2004 – My Best Enemy.

The first compilation of Marx's "Greatest Hits" was released in November 1997. The album contains all of Marx's hits, as well as the song "Angel Cradle" he wrote for his children and which he won from the foundation. Pediatric AIDS: The album was released in Asia in November 1998, including new songs "Slipping away" and "Thanks to you".

Now and Forever is one of the most beautiful ballads ever released, but it's surprisingly unknown.

Marx sang with Donna Lewis, best known for her hit "I Love You Always Forever" on the "At the Beginning" segment of the Anesthesia movie soundtrack. She sang with Madonna on her True Blue album. He also sang a song with me, Lara Fabian, to hand me the title.

He has served as a composer-producer for many other artists, including Barry Manilow, Barbara Strizand, 98 Degrees, Kenny Logins, Emerson Drew, Luther Vandros, Michael Bolton, * NSYNC, Olivia Newton-John, Sarah Brightman, SheD Vince Gill, Hugh Jackman, Shane Minor, Josh Groban, LeAnn Rimes, Natalie Cole, Kenny Rogers, Marie Sisters and Céline Dion.

In 1999, Marx toured China twice and founded his own record company, Signal 21 Records, while working on his sixth album. And at the 2004 Grammy Awards, Richard won the award for Best Song of the Year, "My Father's Dance," which he wrote with the late Luther Vandros.

Richard is Ruth's only son, a singer, and Dick Marx is a jazz musician.

On January 8, 1989, she married dancer and actress Cynthia Rhodes, who starred in "Dirty Dance" (1987), and in 1989 was in the Animation group. They have three sons, Brandon, Lucas and J Esse.


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