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Richard Marx

Name of birth: Richard Noel Marx

Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Date of birth: September 16, 1963

* Ashkenazi Jew (father)
* French, German, Irish, Scottish, Far English, Far Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), Far Welsh (Mother)

Richard Markle is an American musician, singer-songwriter and record producer. He is a son Dick MarxJazz pianist and instrumentalist and Ruth Je Annette Guild. He was married to actress and musician Cynthia Rhodes.

Richard's paternal grandfather was Victor Emmanuel Marx (son of Emmanuel Marx and Agnes Isaac). Emmanuel was a German Jewish immigrant from Frankfurt and the son of Meyer / Meyer Marx and Jannie Reinhardt. Agnes's father, Joseph Joseph Isaac, was a Jewish immigrant from England. Agnes's mother, Annette (probably Wes), was an American who was also Jewish.

Richard's paternal grandmother was Helen Golden (daughter of Adolf Golds and daughter of Sarah Messerow, later Messer). Adolf and Sarah were Ukrainian Jewish immigrants from Kiev. Sarah was the daughter of Joseph Joseph Messerow and Ella Fuchy.

Richard's maternal grandfather was Martin Duane Guild (son of Martin Watson Guild and Alice Sevilla Zee). Richard's great-grandfather Martin, Ransom W. He was the son of the "Lina" couple of Guildu and Paulina. Alice was the daughter of David Jacob Jay and Mary Long.

Richard's maternal grandmother was Lois Martha Herron (daughter of John von Winfred Herron and Bertha Isabel Daly). John on Joseph Joseph F. He was the son of Heron and Sarah Martha Callison. Bertan was the daughter of Delia / Lelia del Clarke of Del White and Lilly.

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