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Their love for each other will last forever. Richard Marx and Daisy Fuentes are sincere about their relationships and how much they worship each other … now and forever.

Richard, tell us about your formative years.
I was born and raised in Chicago, and my parents were into music. My father was a brilliant jazz pianist, but he also had a successful career as a writer and commercial jingle producer. Too many celebrities. My mother was a big band singer, and later she sang on my dad's jingles.

When did you realize you had the talent to sing?
I think I sang before I spoke. I was always singing, and everyone could say, even at a very young age, that I could sing. When I was five or six years old, I started singing professionally from my dad's jingles. And I started writing songs at the age of fifteen.

Richard Marx

You've been starring in the late 1980s with your hits "Just Here Waiting", "Too Far To Say Goodbye", "Stay Nights", "Don't Mean Nothing", "Now And Forever", but a few. I still have some of your notes, yes. And the CD. Talk to us about the journey of glory, and we hope that luck will come.
I worked very hard to develop my career, and I was very fortunate. I had a career as a recording artist, and I'm very proud of it. I had a second career as a writer and producer for other artists, which was equally exciting to me. and now I get pleasure from being mostly a touring performer. The catalog of songs I write every day that I have to play is something I never accept.

I remember being invited to one of your concerts in South Africa (I think it was in Sun City) in the 1990s and all I needed was an air ticket. I have never been able to go – what were your impressions of South Africa and did you visit again after that concert?
I honestly don't know why we never came back to give a talk in South Africa. We played 95 nights in Sun City. A huge crowd. GREAT crowds. And no disdain for Sun City, but I felt that I wouldn't really try to feel in South Africa. Without traveling to Johannesburg or Cape Town, I would have seemed very limited. I'm dying to go back, either on tour, or as a tourist, or both.

Have you adapted your music style as time goes on or your old songs are still in demand?
I feel that over the years my writing has changed and evolved and continues. And I'm a bigger fan of my more recent songs and records than the big ones, but I love them all. I still have a blast playing the old songs, and the fans are coming to hear them like this… everything is fine.

Has the same song ever grown old again and again?
Never. I love those songs. And every spectator is new. I have the biggest job on earth.

In the music industry for more than three decades. It is absolutely incredible. Ever been there when you wanted to hang the microphone and do something else?
No never. I am still fascinated by the writing process and have never enjoyed my time on stage than now. Why would I want to stop doing things I love?

Besides singing, you are also a talented songwriter. You co-authored the Luther Vandrose tale, "Dance With My Father." What other talents do you have?
Well, I've written a lot of songs besides Luther, and with a lot of artists that I loved a lot. As for my other talents, you could ask my wife about it. J:

You have three sons: Brandon (28), Lucas (26), and Essex (24). Ess is playing in your orchestra and obviously inherited your musical talents. What do your other sons do?
They are all incredibly talented singers and songwriters and producers. Probably… GOOD good good. They're all trying to make a career in music. But they are really good people, which is even more important.

What is a "tour life"?
Lately it has been not only successful but also really fun. I feel very fortunate to have been able to play so many shows in many parts of the world. But now I also have my wife accompany me on many trips, which makes it like a vacation. Instead of playing with loving, shouting audiences and returning to a lonely hotel room, I walk the web, and Daisy has a great place nearby for lunch or a beautiful day outing. I have the best travel partner.

Daisy Fuentes & Richard Marx:

Daisy, tell us a little about your design years.
I was born in Havana, Cuba. My family left as political exiles when I was three years old, and we moved to Spain, where I lived until I was nine. Then we moved to New Jersey. My young parents were looking for more opportunities.

You have a long history of presenting various TV shows. What sets you apart and why?
I would say "MTV's Style House" because it really strengthened my connection to the fashion world when there was no social media. We were providing the only real inside and behind the scenes look at the world. It was shocking and really exciting for me.

You are also a model. Which destinations you visited as a model left a lasting impression and why?
In fact, I traveled much more as a TV presenter than as a model between my days at MTV and various Miss Universe events. I've traveled all over the world. Namibia, Ecuador, London, Buenos Aires, Panama and Madrid, just to name a few. They are all uniquely different, and I am so grateful to have lived so many fascinating cultures.

How do you stay in such an incredible state?
First of all, thank you. I consider it to be more continuous work in progress. I try to make health and fitness more of a lifestyle than something I just do from time to time. I enjoy being outdoors, so I disguise my workouts as fun walks, such as hiking, tennis, beaches and swimming. When I have to work from the inside out, I do different turn-based training to try to make it more fun. Although I've always tried to eat healthy, a few years ago after much research I went through all plant-based diets, and my only regret is that I didn't do it early.

Your skin is perfect. What is your beauty mode?
Thanks again. I believe that beauty starts from the inside and outside. I feed myself with healthy, nutritious dense foods. Super Food. Things that are scientifically linked to natural anti-aging. I also keep my skin clean, moisturized and protected from the sun with high SPF. And some of my Daisy Fuentes cosmetics line doesn't hurt my eyelashes and lips.

You are quite vocal about rescuing animals from animal rights and in difficult situations, which is very noble. I see you believe. "Don't go to the store."
I did a lot of research on this before even saving our first, the Bronx. Almost 3 million dogs and cats are killed each year because the shelters are too full and there are not enough adoptive homes. And although the puppy mill is still legal in the US, if you look at it, many of them have terrible conditions and produce animals of all kinds. This translates into the huge veterans' bills and the owners who, in the end, are simply handing over the animals to kill the shelters because they cannot do so. I like to advise people who love dogs to try to care. either by helping their local shelters, posting dog adoptions on their social media or just getting out of the word.

Would you tell us about your charity side?
I think it's a privilege to have a voice and a platform to highlight the causes and the organizations that I think are doing amazing work. Some organizations that I have loved so far and my heart that I have not publicly sponsored are the St. ude Kids Research Hospital and the Humanitarian Society, but in particular there are several other organizations that I support.

You started your own clothing line in 2004, got your own hair care products, fragrances, sunglasses and accessories. What do you attribute to the success of all these different aspects?
Take the opportunity of the occasion. I began to endorse products that I believed at a time when most celebrities turned down such offers. Soon I thought, "Why should I continue to use my popularity to endorse other products when I could do the same for my own company and products?" I started to think it was a hobby, but it quickly became a big business. I put together a great team, and we developed each category with a mindset. We have had a lot of fun and put a lot of love in presenting this brand today.Daisy Fuentes & Richard Marx:

Congratulations on your holidays! You were married on December 23, 2015, in Aspen, Colorado. Can you remember that special day for us?
Daisy: It was the most wonderful, romantic, beautiful day. It was a small intimate ceremony, surrounded only by the immediate family and the most amazing scenes.
Richard. It was really perfect. Aspen has been a consistent part of our love story, and we were already planning vacations with our families there, so it made sense to get married then and there. I love that we were only busy for a month. When you know, you know.

When did you realize that the other was "one"?
Richard. I had the feeling that we ate together the first night. Our relationship has passed from time to time, but I felt something for Daisy that was unlike anything I had ever felt. From the moment he met her.
Daisy: I hate to say that after years of being lonely I may have become a little… devastated. Although I would never accept it at the time. I knew at first that I loved spending more time with him than anyone, but there was one way he looked at me that told me everything I needed to know.

Where have you gone honeymoon?
Richard. We never really took what we mentioned in our honeymoon. We travel a lot together and travel to beautiful and exotic places, literally every few months. So, our life is a continual amazing honeymoon.

Daisy Fuentes & Richard Marx:

Richard, the song "Beautiful Farewell" is so moving. It stars your stunning wife. The humble words say: "Nothing will last forever." How do you ensure that this marriage lasts forever, having been married to both of you before?
Richard. Writing that song together was part of our hospitality, and I love the naked truth in the lyrics. The concept was Daisy's idea. Instead of a typical exchange song that mourns the end of a relationship, it is said that two people shared something beautiful as they had done for a long time. And that is our philosophy in our relationships. WE CAN be together forever and plan to be. But we do not make any empty promises that many people break every day. We live and love each other right now.
Daisy: Finding the love of your life in your last forty years is amazing, but it also means knowing that you will never have nearly enough time for them. I do not consider ANY GOD. There is no time for small or stupid fights. I don't know what we will have forever, but in my heart I know that he is my eternal one.
Richard (kissing Daisy). Well, I know it sounds funny, but that's right.

Daisy is an animal rescuer, and both of you have the most adorable four-legged "kids." Tell us about them and the joy they brought to your life.
Daisy: I am friends with a woman who runs an animal rescue and I agreed to take care of the Bronx because that very day she would be killed. He came to us very undiscovered and wild, but with nothing but puppy energy and sweetness, despite the huge 110-pound base. We started training him thinking we were helping him get ready and more acceptable, but over time, two things happened: It became clear that he was not an easily adopted dog because of the widespread misinformation about his size and his breed, and we fell in love with him. So we adopted her, and a few months later we agreed to promote Beth. Both did so well, and we worshiped him as well, so we adopted him. Richard and I are both big dog lovers and seem to be family. We have a blast with them.

Daisy Fuentes & Richard Marx:

Do you travel together when Richard has a joke?
Daisy: I do it whenever I can, which is quite often. We really love spending time together, and we both love to travel. I think we both have a bit of a gypsy soul, and since we really hate spending time apart, we make the most of it. Whether it's the most exotic place to visit or not so luxurious a small town nowhere.
Richard. As I said, having Daisy on the road with me does an incredibly fun job, which is much more wonderful. I have never enjoyed more tours.

Daisy, sings for you Richard.
Yes, he does. And I melt a little every time.

You traveled together as a couple. In which directions / places have you identified and why?
Daisy: So many great places. Singapore, Maldives, Tahiti, Bora Bora, St Barts. Cabo !! And Aspen, of course. These are the places we know we'll be back to. But we still have a long list of places we want to go together.
Richard. So much! I have a soft spot for Singapore and the Maldives for personal reasons. But I just love that we've been together in so many parts of the world for only five years that we've known each other. Sri Lanka! Vietnam. Youngstown, Ohio !!! Yes Yes. All wonderful trips.

What do you do for a couple to have fun?
Daisy: Everything and nothing.
Richard. We walk. We walk to the beach. We are constantly having romantic dinners.
Daisy: We plan to do all sorts of fun things, but we also love quiet dinners and time at home, just chatting with each other. We do that a lot.

Any interesting plans for the future.
Richard. This year I have already done quite a few frauds, many of which were committed. Later this year I am releasing a new album and my first book based on the life story of my hit songs.
Daisy: I work on my brand every day, and 15 years later it's still growing. There are some interesting TV programs that we are working on, but mostly I enjoy spending time with my husband.

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