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Richard Marx announces the French date for his new world tour. It will stop on March 31, 2020, in the Alhambra of Paris.

Performer, LyricistFor nearly 30 years, composer and producer, Richard Marx's career has consisted of many "important events". Originally from Chicago, Marx has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. Rock's first album since 1987, soberly titled "Richard Marx", rocked to eighth on the US chart. At the same time, four of his singles have been included in the top five charts, including "Hold On To Nights" or even "Don 't Mean Nothing," which will allow him to be nominated for the 1988 title. Grammy Awards.

"Repeat Criminal," Marx's second album released in 1989, was even more successful. In addition to capturing the top spot in American charts, it also quickly became a quadruped platinum disc with two singles that will share first place in the "Happy" and "Right Here Waiting" podiums. When Rush Street and Paid Vacation became platinum discs, Marx had a series of professional victories over seven years competing with all the actors in pop and rock history. He is still the only artist to date, with 7 consecutive singles reaching the top five on the Billboard charts.

For most artists it might have been impressive, but Richard Marx didn't stop there, releasing a new album that would also have significant success, highlighting titles such as "Where You Are." or "This is what I promise you."

Thirty years later, Marx emerged as one of the most influential musicians on American music. But by doing so, he also knew how to deal with the spirits of his various responsibilities, such as his desire to donate copyright to a hit organization Designed to Build a Room at NYU. Medical Center for Children with Cancer. But Marx is also recording Child Night, which highlights the troubling numbers of children on the streets, allowing him to raise more than $ 500 for the Children Night Foundation. On the other hand, the latter is also known for giving a concert for American troops stationed in Germany.

Book your concert tickets. RICHARD MARX – ALHAMBRA:
Price: 39.00 €
Date: Tuesday, 2020 On March 31
You also have an electronic ticketing service to print your tickets at home at the end of the RICHARD MARX order, as well as an interactive seating plan for your seats at ALHAMBRA.

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