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Richard Marsan a artistic director is attached to the recording company Barclay:who died on October 8, 1992. He helped artists such as: Charles Aznavour, Leo Ferrin And what? Bernard Lavillier,

Richard Marsa began his career as a whimsical cabaret and music hall.

In 1948, he was in the second part of the show Circus Medrano next to Marc & Geo: (stuntmen) and: Annie Frattelin (Clown):

In 1951, he played an actor in the film Box for sale Guest: Claude Andre Laland And what? Robert Roca with Louis de Funès:, Colette Deal:, Florence Vera,

In 1954 Richard Marsa was on a tour of North Africa, Three Notes with Florence Vera and Charles Aznavour, from whom he became artistic director in the 1960s Eddie Barclay,

In addition to Aznavour, Richard Mars is the artistic director Leo Ferrin who writes and dedicates his song richard:, He signs and manages the recordings Maurice Zano (1970) Marianna Mill And what? Maurice Dulac (1970) Eric Vincent (1974) Pierre Pechin (1975), Bernard Lavillier (1976) …

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