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Pop rock heavyweight Richard Marx He has signed with BMG a worldwide record and catalog deal that will include his first new album in five years, due out this fall.

But Marx fans will not have to wait for so many new offers from the Chicago Star. The announcement comes in a series of issues. Today (April 26) marks the 30th anniversary of Marx's 1989 classic album Repeat the criminal, and he and BMG are celebrating their release Repeat the criminal again, a collection including a new recording studio, live and audio versions of the original album of songs.

Marx is also a priority for the new video Repeat the criminal hit "Right Here Waiting", featuring live performances of the song from the last 30 years.

Finally, BMG has digitally re-released several Marx titles, including a 2010 double album To tell stories, a live album One night with friends (2012) that guests like JC Chasez: and: Hugh Jack Sherman, holiday album The spirit of Christmas (2012), her latest studio album Goodbye (2014) And in love songs Now and forever. Ballads: (2014).

“As one of the brightest singers and performers in music, Richards' versatile career as a hitmaker is not something extraordinary. Thomas Sherer, BMG Executive vp, Repertory & Marketing, Los Angeles. “We are very honored that he trusted us with his timeless music and chose BMG as his new home. Richard Marx now and forever. ”

A successful producer and songwriter, Marx should also be thankful for such songs Osh Nash Grob:"Where are you", * NSYNC:"This is what I promise you" and Keith UrbanThis is Love Hot Summer. In 2004, he won a Grammy Award for Song for Co-author of the Year Luther Vandros"Dancing with My Father."

He added Marx, who will release the first single of his first LP this summer. new music I've worked on. "

Recall some of Marx's best performances with the new "Right Here Waiting" video below.

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