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Photo:: Gabriel Olsen (WireImage:)

Yes, Twitter is a flaming helmet every day, but every time you eat with your feeds, you can suddenly gather in a toilet. Like the discovery that '80s soft rock superstars Richard Markle and Kenny Logins are actually companies, and that Logins has a fun joke based on it theme song from: Cadiz: that she pulls when they both go to dinner.

Look, this is the reason we could never be friends with Kenny Loggins, because every time he said that, we would literally miss him. Fortunately, many are also discouraged by the moment of pleasure: Twitter quickly broke into this yacht rock band, noting that Marx has his own classical song titles, relying on catches.

In Loggins Protection "Alright" is a really good song (suck it in "Danger Zone"), so why no is it possible to deliver it as humanly as possible?

Update: Richard Marx himself now claims that his Twitter joke was just "Remove":

We hate the dispute with Mr. Marx, but the picture above (and this one) video) it says otherwise. And even if Loggins doesn't answer "I'm fine" with each server, we will now choose to believe that he does. But we might be overwhelmed by Richard Marx's clever wordplay. We suspect we are not the first.

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