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Richard Marx is sitting in the green room of Flamingo's Don and Marie Exhibition Hall from noon to noon, where he will debut a few weeks later. Satisfied. Hits only, his first limited involvement in a hotel-casino.

Within a few hours, she will show a preview of the entire acoustic show on the street in Cleopatra Province, Caesarea Palace, with her head bowed to her feet in black, as she is now, but accompanied by an entire female string quartet. tourist group. As Marx quietly found out, the road to his Vegas brain status was in some ways a major and stressful one.

"I mean I would love to have a romantic story," says Marx, who married actress and former MTV presenter Daisy Fuentes in December 2015. "My agent called me and said, 'Flamingo is interested in playing in this room just for the try.' He then said, “They want you to do your solo show. It was interesting to me because I don't think there is anything like it in the city. "

Marx decided that he had nothing to lose by trying. He had previously worked with symphonies (his late father was a composer and instrumentalist), so incorporating the string quartet was natural, and he had been making sound collections for years. "It's a shocking pretext for a show that I usually do and crush every fat, so it's just a hit," he said. "I mean, really tough 75 minutes, every single song of mine."

He also includes audio versions of some of the hits he wrote for other people. Marx surprised suspicious audience members with recent performances including "Dancing With My Father" (Luther Vandros), "This I Promise You" (* NSYNC) and "Long Hot Summer" (Keith Urban). However, they are evident for those accomplishments, and Marx presents from his first 1987 release, "Do Nothing," and from the first five hits "I Wanted to Know Better" and "Endless Summer Nights" to his No. 1 hit. hits "Low Nights", "Goh" and "Wait Right Here".

The songs help to define an era, their melodies serve as a memory for all those who went from adolescence to the late 80s to the late 90s. Marx's music gathered where the Eagles and Kenny Loggins left in recent days and paved the way for future pop-rock acts such as Matchbox Twenty, Train and Maroon. The hits eventually stopped coming, but his followers remained loyal, and Marx worked as a producer and songwriter.

Even Osmonds recorded his songs, lending Donny his tenors a cover of "Right Here Waiting Waiting". It is no coincidence that Marx plays in the theater for them, but the showroom allows for the intimacy he enjoys more and more with his audience. . "I'm still playing quite a large number of orchestras," Marx said. "But when I started playing this way, maybe six years ago, it seems to me that after all those years, decades, I really started learning how to perform. And that lifted my game of music. "

Flamingo, 7:30 p.m. Starting August 15-19, 22-26, 29-31 and September 1-2 starting at $ 59 plus tax and fees. 702.777.2782:

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