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One of the great benefits of living in the age of ever-overwhelming social media is the seemingly random cycle of familiar names that can rise to the surface at any time. Witness the unexpected return of hit singer and songwriter Richard Marx on Wednesday night.

About half of Marx's ridiculously lost Twitter joggingThe singer let her manager try to get her: “The cell phone just sounded. Manager (watching me on Twitter) in caller ID. Me. 'And this was the call I was waiting for !!!!!!'

Why expect it? Probably because of one of the tweets that the 80s-90s hit songwriter posted earlier:

I'm so drunk now. @blakeshelton would be like … "Dude … chill". – Richard Marx (@richardmarx) November 29, 2012:


I'm so drunk right now. I'm back in the mile again plus the carnage @americanair – Richard Marx (@richardmarx) November 29, 2012


I am so drunk now that I am strictly discussing the recording of new solos. – Richard Marx (@richardmarx) on November 29, 2012

These were dozens of fast rocket breaks made by Marx, who also won a Grammy for R&B in 2004 for his song "A Song for My Dad." Singer Luther Vandros.

Marx's tirade seems to have started with the singer repeatedly blasting the American airline for losing its expectations on Wednesday's apparent loss from a concert in Stuart, Fla. thanking the airline, For a moment he explained that he would be speaking at Speedos and the lavender tube. But also in Jacques Taylor, so … "

Three hours later (presumably after the concert) he was back on Twitter and feeling warm. Imagining Blake Shelton's reaction to his creditor, Marx invited his followers for a drink. "Hey guys … a party in my room," he wrote and seemed to get a burst of energy from the response of the online world. “OMG is so fun to be on Twitter when you don't have a career to worry about protecting yourself. !!!!! ”

He continued to enjoy himself (read a tweet, simply "Weeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!") for the next few hours, posting some of his photos with a full glass of wine, grumbling with an empty one, then smiling again at his refill. : At one point, Twitter was apparently giving him time, but he wasn't discussed.

Four hours after being turned off, Marx offered a final invitation: "Who welcomes me in the morning for icy mahogany and meticulousness?" Name the time and place, and Pop & Hiss will be there.

In a good mood Thursday morning, Marx returned to Twitter shortly. "Wait what? Something happened last night?" He wrote. But the evening was not in vain; Pop & Hiss would also like to note that Marx has a new Christmas album called "Christmas Spirit". :


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